MIA BRUBRUSSELS/MIAMI: May 25, 2016. Brussels and Miami airports have announced they will launch a new organisation in October this year to improve the quality and handling of pharma products by air.

Both airports are an IATA certified Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV).

The new organisation called 'Pharma Aero' will focus on airport communities that support the IATA CEIV program with the ultimate goal of enabling lane certification for pharma transportation by air.

Together with IATA, Brussels was the first to launch the CEIV program in 2014 followed by Miami last year. Since then the management of both airports have been working together and have now decided to formalize their relationship in three main areas: engaging stakeholders via networking and events; standard setting through benchmarking and new establishing new protocols; and setting up a knowledge center to share best practises and audit support.

According to Miami airport director Emilio Gonzalez (left in picture), the tie-up with Brussels is designed to leverage Miami’s strength as a pharma hub by collaborating with other airports that share a common goal of strengthening pharma certified trade lanes and extending supply chains to reach new international markets.

“We are very pleased to work with our friends at BRU on this important initiative,” he declared.

Steven Polmans (right in picture), head of Cargo at Brussels Airport added: “In the past three to four years, we have been working very closely with the pharma manufacturers, which has resulted in the IATA CEIV program we organised at Brussels.

"We now want to continue and strengthen our approach by bringing it on a global level to create end-to-end solutions for the pharma industry. The [new] organisation will be very much content focussed, developing solutions and creating transparency in very close co-operation with the pharma industry,” he noted.