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BONN/LONDON: May 30, 2018. U.K. home delivery business Milk & More has ordered 200 electric vehicles, produced by Deutsche Post subsidiary StreetScooter, to continue a delivery mode that began in 1930.

Milk More StreetScooter“We wanted to make this unique tradition relevant again to the requirements of today’s customers,” says Patrick Müller, managing director of Milk & More. “In order to do this, we need a local product portfolio, new IT systems as well as reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly vehicles. In the StreetScooter, we have found the ideal vehicle for our needs.”

Two years ago Müller acquired Britain’s largest remaining milk-delivery business Milk & More with its 2,000 employees. The company delivers pints of milk in glass bottles to over 500,000 homes each week – maintaining a 150 year-old practice that includes collection, cleaning and re-use an average 25 times.

Milk & More will operate a refrigerated version of the StreetScooter Work L Box model, used for postal deliveries in Germany, and a Cloud-based charging management system developed by the company to support the vehicles.

To meet rising demand by Deutsche Post and third parties, the manufacturer has doubled its production capacity with the opening of a second facility in Düren, Germany to produce a total of 20,000 electric vehicles a year.

Deutsche Post has been using several variants of StreetScooter since 2013 and now operates a fleet of 6,000 that have travelled over 26 million kilometers and saved around 20,000 tons of CO2 per year. Together with 12,000 electric e-bikes and e-trikes, it is the largest operator of electric vehicles in Germany.

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