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HANGZHOU, China: June 01, 2018. Speaking at an event organised by Alibaba’s logistics subsidiary Cainiao Network, executive chairman Jack Ma said the group “should be ready to prepare and fight” as the process of world trade changes because of logistics.

Jack MAMa said the Alibaba Group would invest billions of dollars to build the technical backbone for a smart logistics network aimed at improving delivery reach and efficiency, as well as driving down costs.

“This network is not only national, but global,” he continued. “[We want to] connect every courier, connect every warehouse, every hub, every city and every house.”

Ma said the Cainiao Network goal is to provide single-day delivery across China and 72-hour delivery to the rest of the world while reducing the cost of logistics to the country’s GDP from 15 percent to less than five percent.

“If we can use data to solve the problem of low transport efficiency and high logistics costs, we can create huge profit margins for the manufacturing industry and logistics sector. I think this is what Cainiao and our logistics industry should do for the country,” Ma told his audience in Hangzhou.

“Twelve or 13 years ago, I said we’d see one billion packages per year. Nobody believed me. But today, weekly package volumes exceed one billion.”

The Alibaba chairman is now predicting a volume of one billion packages a day in 10 years.

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