SHANGHAI: July 10, 2018. Breakbulk Asia, formerly the Breakbulk China exhibition with its focus on renewable energy, rail, port expansion, mining and infrastructure projects, will be held in Shanghai March 20-21, 2019.

Following the success of the seventh annual Breakbulk China event in March, ITE Group said the change reflects the growing participation of companies based in both Asia and Southeast Asia that added to the core Chinese market.

Briese Porthos Nimbus“As China’s global influence expands through its sweeping One Belt One Road initiative, its neighbours on all sides are doing more business with China, particularly with large infrastructure and oil & gas projects,” said Nick Davison, Breakbulk Portfolio Director. “Breakbulk event in Shanghai has become the new business hub for the project cargo industry.”

Total show attendance reached 4,743 with sea transport providers and freight forwarders making up about 80 percent. Ports, terminals, equipment providers, industry-related services and specialty transport providers made up the balance. Together, Breakbulk China hosted the end-to-end project supply chain, presenting numerous opportunities for new project business for all involved.

“Moving freight in and out of China is a bit like surfing—you never know what kind of wave you are going to get, so you’d better prepare in advance with the skills, knowledge and tools needed for any type of weather,” commented Mac Sullivan, Transpacific Trade Lane manager for Toll Global Forwarding. “You have to understand that relationships are everything—there is absolutely nothing that can replace that initial handshake and looking someone in the eye as the foundation of a strong relationship.”

In addition to Breakbulk Asia, Breakbulk Americas, the original Breakbulk event, will be held in Houston October 02-04, 2018; Breakbulk Middle East will be in Dubai from February 11-12 next year followed by Breakbulk Europe in Bremen from May 21-23.

Globecomm, a provider of maritime connectivity services, has supplied its global Ku-band VSAT service to German shipowner Briese Schiffahrts. The company has ordered eight ‘Open Top Eco 5000’ multi-purpose breakbulk vessels (pictured) designed to consume 30 percent less fuel but with increased crane and cargo support of its fleet growth plans. The Leer-based owner assumed management of six craned project cargo vessels of 12,780 dwt in 2015 and 2016 and a further four vessels of this type were taken over in March and April 2018 which will also be equipped with Globecomm VSAT.