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CSafe RKN ServiceCSafe experts will be on hand to demonstrate the company’s Cell & Gene thermal shipping solution at the Phacilitate Leaders World conference in Miami January 21-24.

The CSafe Cell & Gene thermal shipping solution leverages the company’s industry-leading temperature management performance for the safe transport of vital life-science products to distribution centers, healthcare facilities and patients.

“As partner to those in the most difficult portion of the cold chain, CSafe is committed to innovation, continuous improvement and unparalleled customer service. This is especially important for the Cell & Gene market given the critical nature of these shipments for patients in need,” states Emilio Frattaruolo, VP of Innovation, Passive Solutions.

“We work closely with our customers and provide tailored solutions to meet their needs,” Frattaruolo continues. “For example, we are partnering with one biotech company that has chosen our innovative Cell & Gene solution to address the strict requirements for transporting their advanced gene therapy. My CSafe colleagues and I are personally committed to securing their cold chain, protecting these new gene therapy shipments so patients can receive what matters most to them. This is the kind of personalized experience we provide to our Cell & Gene customers.”

CSAFE Global




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