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BRAMBLESBrambles, parent company of CHEP, the end-to-end supply chain specialist in the FMCG and retail marketplace, has supported the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to create the first business circularity assessment tool.

Developed by the Foundation, which is a global thought-leader on the circular economy, Circulytics enables individual businesses to accurately measure the circular economy preparedness and performance of their company as a whole
To date, there has been no way to comprehensively measure circularity. Launched earlier this week, the tool moves beyond measuring material flows alone - giving clear insights into all circular operations, flagging up areas for immediate improvement and highlighting opportunities for strategic innovation.

Circulytics applies data and metrics to measure the transition to a circular economy, making it easier for businesses to understand and track improvements. This new reference point allows companies to remove waste from the supply chain and develop strategies that ensure a positive environmental impact, whilst also improving their bottom line and brand value with stakeholders.

The circular economy seeks to cut out waste and pollution and keep products and materials in use, whilst regenerating natural systems. With a ‘share and re-use’ model for its 330 million delivery assets, Brambles is recognised as the global leader in the creation of the circular economy.

Andrew Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation said, “Globally, more and more companies are recognising the circular economy opportunity to create new areas of value and address challenges such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Circulytics has been created to help that transition happen at speed and scale - and the insights of leading companies such as Brambles have been vital in ensuring we give businesses the data and analysis they need.”

Michael Pooley, President of Brambles’ company CHEP Europe added, “We were delighted to be able to contribute to the development of Circulytics. This tool documents a company’s strengths, but also areas for further improvement. We believe this will be the first tool to stimulate the kind of strategy development that both companies and the planet need in the future. We will be using Circulytics to make our business model even more sustainable”.

Circulytics breaks down its measuring system into what it calls “enablers” and “outcomes”. The former consists of elements of the company itself, such as strategy, people, systems and processes, innovation and external engagement with clients and suppliers. The latter relates to inputs (materials and energy) and how the outputs in the form of products or services contribute to the circular economy. This allows a company to assess both the circularity of production flows and the value chain of the company, as a whole. Companies receive a cumulative score across a range of themes and, importantly, tailored insights and commentary from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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