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LATAM CargoLATAM Cargo has established a contingency plan that is allowing more connectivity and promptness in order to supply essential goods to the country.

The company made significant changes to its itineraries, including routing changes and an increase in freighter frequencies. Likewise, along with maximizing the use of freighter aircraft, it was established that passenger aircraft would be used exclusively to transport cargo, allowing more cities to be supplied.

To this date, 51 tons of food have been transported nationwide, mainly benefitting Iquitos city. Considering that this place is very difficult to access by land or river, having two scheduled freighter flights each week has allowed a constant supply of perishable products in Iquitos during this crisis period. Additionally, 14 tons of medicines and medical tools have been transported, supplying pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories in various Peruvian regions.

“All those of us who are part of LATAM Group are proud of the efforts we have made during this crisis. We are aware of the key role we play in delivering essential goods to Peruvians, and we will continue working to provide more solutions that allow the world to keep dreaming”, stated Manuel van Oordt, LATAM Airlines Peru’s CEO.

On another note, as part of maintaining our commitment with the country’s development, we have transported 51 tons of banking materials, minerals, spare parts and other products that help maintain the main industries’ production chains.

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