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UK Chamber of Shipping LogoThe UK Chamber of Shipping has unveiled its new five-year Strategic Plan, outlining the plans and priorities for the Chamber and confirms its position as the voice of the UK shipping industry which contributes nearly £20bn a year to our economy and supports over 180,000 jobs.

The new plan, which was launched at the Chamber's AGM in March, showcases the vision, mission and priorities the Chamber will focus on up to 2025. The full Strategic Plan can be read here.

The six strategic priorities are:

Build the influence, profile and representative voice of the UK Chamber of Shipping nationally and internationally
Promote improved shipping, fiscal, employment and environmental (in particular, decarbonisation) policy and regulation.
Develop and promote an improved cross industry safety culture to reduce accidents.
Ensure the Chamber maintains and enhances its value proposition to its membership. n Build and enhance the services provided by the MNTB.
Through a mixture of call income and alternative income streams run the finances of the Chamber on a stable basis
Commenting on the new Strategic Plan, Chief Executive Bob Sanguinetti said:

“To ensure the UK Chamber of Shipping is setting the agenda and leading from the front, we have today updated our five-year Strategic Plan. The refreshed document sets out a clear direction in which the Chamber wants to head, and makes sure we are working with our members and setting a strategic narrative to tackle new challenges and identify future opportunities.”

Our Mission:

The new mission is to deliver for our members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence on shipping issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies, in order to advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains a leader in the global shipping business.

Values 2020-2025:

The Chamber’s nine core values are: We lead by example, we work together, supporting and valuing each other, we are committed to our members, we respect the individual, we invest in people, we establish the facts and provide insight, we are open and honest in our communication, we seek continuous improvement and above all, we act with integrity.

The Chamber also launched its updated Journal during the AGM looking back at the last twelve months and what issues the industry may face in 2020.

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