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cargo partner Prague Warehouse 02 copycargo-partner has opened a new railway terminal within its Bulgarian warehouse premises that allows for direct transfer of goods between the cargo rail wagons and the warehouse. In addition, the warehouse has been upgraded with new temperature-controlled zones for storage at +14 °C to +18 °C and +10 °C to +20°C.

cargo-partner has been represented in Bulgaria since 2003 and has been organizing air, sea, road and rail transports for more than seventeen years. In 2018, the company expanded its contract logistics portfolio with the opening of its iLogistics Center in Sofia. The warehouse is TAPA-A certified and has a capacity of 22,000 pallet slots on a floor area of 16,500 m². The facility is strategically located within the capital, close to the airport, the metro station as well as main roads.

Dimcho Dimchev, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Bulgaria, explains the strategic significance of this logistics hub: “The location in the center of Bulgaria gives our iLogistics Center an important role as a hub for air and sea cargo from the Far East. It is also ideally located for organizing road transport and distribution in the CEE region, especially the Balkans, and the Near East.”

The iLogistics Center is separated into several areas providing a range of storage conditions. There is a customs bonded storage area as well as dedicated areas for valuable goods, bulky and general cargo. In response to the growing demand for online shopping, cargo-partner has also expanded its e-commerce area and now provides 28,000 picking locations for online vendors from the textile and sporting goods industries.

New temperature-controlled storage areas 

Originally designed to offer ambient and temperature-controlled storage in the range of 15°C to 25°C, several sections of the iLogistics Center have recently been upgraded to offer different temperature ranges as well as humidity control. In addition to 3,000 pallets at 15°C to 25°C, up to 3,000 pallets can now be stored at a temperature range of 14°C to 18°C and another 3,000 pallets at 10°C to 20°C. Hand in hand with the upgrade of its facilities, cargo-partner has strengthened its focus on quality and process control and has acquired the relevant HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications. A range of established local and international companies from the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries are already making use of the iLogistics Center.

Modern warehouse management software provides customers with 24/7 online visibility and reporting. In addition, cargo-partner’s warehouse management system (WMS) can easily be connected to customers’ own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems via EDI or API for automated processes.

Direct railway connection at warehouse premises 

As a further value added service offered at the iLogistics Center in Sofia, cargo-partner has introduced a direct railway connection. Rail transport provides an efficient and environment-friendly option for customers who have manufacturing sites in the region. Thanks to the railway siding directly next to the warehouse, goods can easily be transferred from and to the warehouse. This service is suitable for customers whose shipments usually come in large lots. “With the direct railway connection to the warehouse we can offer our customers a reliable and convenient alternative to trucking,” says Dimcho Dimchev.

The company plans to develop and expand the facility in Sofia further in the future. The original design of the facility allows for a doubling of the available storage capacity on the site, along with the addition of up to 20,000 pallet places at various storage conditions, according to customers’ requirements.

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