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ACA/SCA 2023


Cargotec Rotate “Turning data into action” is Rotate’s company slogan, and CargoTech’s latest member is thus poised to support customers with a new digital spin on insights and analysis for improved commercial decision-making in air cargo.

Founded on 1 June 2022 in The Netherlands, Rotate’s core function is to build solutions that make intelligent use of the vast amount of data that is produced and stored within the air cargo industry. Insights gleaned from this data can greatly support airline customers in making commercial and operational decisions.
By adding Rotate to its portfolio of companies, CargoTech gains an increasingly important niche focus, perfectly complementing its one-stop-shop direction. “Data is a valuable commodity and the basis for all business decisions, from quality to operational steering, market expansion and customer growth,” says Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech. “Rotate is founded and run by Gert-Jan Jansen, who many in the air cargo industry know as the former Head of Seabury Cargo and as co-founder of WorldACD. Together with ex-Seabury colleagues and technology experts, he intends to develop Rotate into the leading firm providing commercial tools and solutions to improve day-to-day decision-making in air cargo. Rotate shares the digital future mindset of all our CargoTech members.”

Rotate brings in decades of proven experience in cargo data, analytics and consulting. Customers can expect access to world-class market data along with tools that draw useful and crucial conclusions from the data, providing a solid foundation on which to base commercial decisions. Leveraging their expertise with data and advising customers, Rotate will also offer support and training. “The real challenge is not in collecting more data, it is in putting that data and insight to good use and drive real actions that improve commercial and operational decisions. That is the difficult part,” explains Gert-Jan Jansen, Founder and CEO of Rotate.

Becoming a member of CargoTech also offers several opportunities to Rotate. It means the investment it receives from CargoTech allows it to build the solutions that are needed to improve day-to-day and real-time commercial decision making in the air cargo industry, as reported by its clients. In addition, Rotate can look forward to sharing and exchanging not only technology skills and capabilities with Wiremind Cargo, CargoAi and Cargo Digital Factory but also cargo knowledge and networks, benefiting from the fact that innovation grows from collaboration. Finally, and most importantly, joining CargoTech supports Rotate in its mission to help airlines write their own success stories and build their business, using the best commercial tools in the industry. Driving digital transformation is a holistic process and partnering with CargoTech enables Rotate to provide comprehensive solutions to airline customers. Rotate currently consists of six cargo and technology experts and is looking to treble its workforce within the first year.

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