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DHL East Midlands transport minister DHL Supply Chain has welcomed Roads Minister, Richard Holden MP to its East Midlands Gateway facility as part of the Generation Logistics campaign to raise awareness of careers in the logistics industry.

During the visit, Mr Holden met several young people working in logistics roles, who act as ambassadors for Generation Logistics: “It’s fantastic to see the ground-breaking Generation Logistics campaign already change hearts and minds about logistics and truly putting it on the radar as a rewarding career option for so many.”

“With the campaign set to branch further into the education sector, I’m thrilled to see what the future holds for logistics, with more and more people from all backgrounds and walks of life joining the sector and helping turbocharge our economic growth.”

Nick Archer, MD Consumer & Convenience, DHL Supply Chain added: “We’re delighted to be part of such an important campaign and to be highlighting the brilliant work being done by our next generation of leaders at our East Midlands Gateway facility. Raising awareness of the rewarding career opportunities available in the sector is critical, and we look forward to continuing our support for the campaign and seeing further successful results.”

Generation Logistics, the awareness campaign for the sector at the heart of all areas of the industry, has already prompted more than 1.8 million engagements with its target audiences, and its organisers have plans to expand its reach in its second year to include work with the education sector. As Phil Roe, Executive Lead for the campaign explains, the first year’s activity has brought the sector together like never before and has already had a huge impact in changing perceptions which many have never considered as a career option until now.

A key part of the second year of the Generation Logistics campaign will be a move into education, with an annual careers pack being made available to teachers, lecturers and other educators. And as Mr Roe explains, this will be a key part of the campaign’s work in attracting new recruits into the industry.

“Generation Logistics has already changed hearts and minds about our sector, achieving a media audience of more than 180 million people in its first six months. Our website, www.generationlogistics.org, has captured the imagination of our audience, with over 320,000 visitors to date, all intent on finding out more about our sector. Of course, shifting perceptions of logistics will take more than a single year, which is why we are delighted to say that the industry intends to continue the campaign for a second year from August 2023. Early indications are that our sponsors from all areas of logistics are keen to renew their support and keep the conversation going.

“We all know that logistics is a dynamic, exciting industry to work in, and the impact of our campaign in only six months has been particularly heartening. Our plans to move into education will enable us to provide support for those advising young people on careers planning, and provide the missing link between advisors, industry, and the workforce of tomorrow.”

“According to Generation Logistics’ research, educators are a key influencer in helping young people making informed decisions about their future,” Roe explains. “We are focusing our efforts in year two of the campaign to target both groups and provide the information they need at the appropriate time. We are confident that the campaign will continue to grow in year two to have even more influence, with an even greater reach, so that logistics becomes an accepted career path alongside traditional roles such as accountancy and healthcare.”

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