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avianca cargo 1With its firm purpose of maintaining the highest standards in the air cargo industry and to continue guaranteeing the best practices to provide the best service to its customers, Avianca Cargo achieved its latest CEIV seal in the product category, awarded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

On this occasion, the airline was certified CEIV Live Animals because it meets the highest standards, has an infrastructure that ensures the welfare of animals and a management system that is constantly seeking to increase the quality of service.

Air transportation of live animals is considered one of the most expedient, as it presents challenges in terms of the processes and details carried out, such as ensuring that these are the best to guarantee professional, careful, and compassionate treatment so that the animals have the best experience. This is why the requirements and protocols necessary for their transportation have been met by each participant in the Avianca Cargo supply chain, to ensure the safety and welfare of animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, horses, among others, during air transport.

According to Leonel Ortiz, Transformation, and Innovation Director at Avianca Cargo, "It is a pride to be able to obtain, in a record time of three months, a fourth IATA seal under the diligence of safe and responsible transportation of live animals, thanks to infrastructure improvements at the Miami station and the availability of our network for transportation. We will continue working with motivation and commitment to remain a benchmark of quality and the best partner for our customers”.

In less than two years, Avianca Cargo became the only airline in the Americas to obtain all IATA certifications: CEIV Fresh, CEIV Lithium Batteries and CEIV Pharma. This demonstrates the commitment of the changes made in safe and controlled procedures, infrastructure, and customer experience, taking to each of the bases and making the handling of products the most appropriate.

“Handling and transporting live animals is a complex operation given each species has its own specific handling requirements. Adding CEIV Live Animals to its CEIV Fresh, CEIV Pharma and CEIV Lithium Batteries certification means Avianca Cargo is operating within a validated framework that meets regulatory requirements. We congratulate the airline on becoming one of the first airlines in the Americas to complete the suite of CEIV certifications. Avianca Cargo’s customers can have the confidence that their special cargo will be delivered safely and in top condition,” said Brendan Sullivan, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo.

This certification is not just a seal of approval; it is the result of the constant effort to improve, provide the best solutions and guarantee professional, careful, and empathetic treatment of animals. Avianca Cargo will continue to work with determination and confidence to achieve excellence in every process in the supply chain, and thus continue to face new challenges and opportunities with customers.

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