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RZD China shipments JSC RZD Logistics increases the volume of railway transportation of food products from Moscow region to Chengdu in the framework of Agroexpress project.

Development of cooperation between RZD Logistics and KTZ Express made possible the service expansion.

Full-length refrigerated trains will depart on a regular basis from Chekhov station and go through the territory of Kazakhstan, where KTZ Express will provide the cargo forwarding.

The range of exported food products has been essentially expanded and includes such items, as ice cream, bakery and confectionary products. In addition, RZD Logistics increases the volume of refrigerated shipments of poultry and beef.

The accelerated railway delivery of food products in autonomous refrigerated containers is among the most promising logistics services on Russia-China route.

“Russian food items are highly demanded in China. Ice cream and confectionary products from our producers are in special demand on Chinese market. Thus, the export potential of this area is high. Logistics needs of enterprises grow in parallel with the development of ice cream production. We take these needs into consideration while working on our new services and expand the geography of current projects in accordance with the new geopolitical conditions – in Eastern (China, Vietnam), as well as Southern direction (Iran, India and Persian Gulf countries). Long-term effective cooperation with KTZ Express is an important component of success for many of RZD Logistics’ projects, including Agroexpress. Today our cooperation has been elevated to a new level, which has allowed us to increase the volume of shipments of food products to China”, – noted CEO of RZD Logistics Dmitry Murev.

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