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strike debut Singapore, known for its strategic location in Southeast Asia, has long been recognized as a pivotal hub for air cargo activities, serving as a natural gateway connecting the East and the West.

This global crossroads is integral to trade routes linking Europe, the Americas, and Asia, making it an indispensable transit point for the efficient movement of goods.

It's in this dynamic air cargo environment that Strike Aviation Group, one of the world's fastest-growing air cargo companies, is making its debut appearance at the upcoming Air Cargo Southeast Asia 2023 exhibition and conference. Julia Knecht Ostwaldt, COO Europe at Strike Aviation, emphasized the significance of this move, stating, "This marks our first foray into this region, where we're eager to explore the potential it holds for us and how it can contribute to expanding our global reach."

Singapore's connectivity to major cities worldwide is a key factor behind the company's interest in the region. With an extensive network of air routes ensuring seamless access to vital global markets, businesses can effectively reach their customers with speed and efficiency, making it an attractive prospect for companies like Strike Aviation.

The highlight of Strike's participation in the Singapore event is its innovative offering - the company currently operates its own virtual airline. This innovative approach could revolutionize shipments from Southeast Asia to Latin America, reducing transit times and costs. Julia Knecht Ostwaldt further emphasized Strike's commitment to innovation and international presence as a driving force for the company.

As a fast, flexible, and reliable Cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA), Strike makes swift decisions and consistently offers niche products. According to Julia, the secret lies in their well-established IT systems, standardized operating procedures, and their affiliation with a strong international team - all of which are strengths that underpin their self-confidence in the air cargo industry.

Strike's team is optimistic about gaining valuable insights on integrating into the new region and building rapport with the local business community. They pride themselves on fostering quick, human interactions with partners, even when dealing with business matters.

Frank Ziesemer, CEO of Strike Aviation, commented on the company's active involvement in various air cargo shows globally. "We are proud to aim for greater heights in Asia and expand our presence," he said. "Our entire European team will be participating in Transport Logistic and Air Cargo Southeast Asia, where they will undoubtedly forge new connections and bolster partnerships in the Asian region."

Julia Knecht Ostwaldt concluded, "We are thrilled to see that our efforts at various air cargo shows are growing our reputation and enhancing brand recognition."
The Air Cargo Southeast Asia 2023 event will take place in Singapore from November 1, 2023, to November 3, 2023, and promises to be a significant platform for industry players to converge and explore opportunities in the air cargo sector.

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