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UPS 767 1LOUISVILLE, KY: August 31, 2016. United Parcel Service has signed a new five-year labor agreement with its 2,500 pilots that provides for a 14.65 percent immediate increase in pay and a further 3.0 percent per annum over the life of the contract.

Other benefits include a US$60,000 signing bonus for Captains and $40,000 for First Officers; a 40 percent increase in their benefit pension plan; and improved duty period limits for overnight and international flights to include more sleep facilities at major gateways, and sleep modules in UPS B767 aircraft (right).

According to the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), representing the company's flight crew, UPS will also work with the IPA in applying the latest in fatigue science to pilot scheduling.

The new contract, which was ratified by 91 percent of the 98 percent who cast ballots, will run until September 2021.

"Important gains were made in all areas of the contract to include improvements in the critical area of pilot scheduling," said IPA president Robert Travis. Referring to the new fatigue science provision, he said that "time will tell whether or not UPS is willing to embrace changes that could lead to a safer operation".

The IPA wants the rules currently applied to passenger operations to include cargo-only flights. "Our advocacy for one level of aviation safety continues," Travis added.

"We are happy that our crewmembers have accepted this win-win contract offer," said Brendan Canavan, UPS Airlines president. "Together, we have succeeded in taking care of both our people's needs and our business objectives."

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