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digit pet dogDALLAS: March 14, 2018: Unisys has launched Digi-Pet, an IoT technology that provides pet owners with the ability to monitor and talk to their pets via personal devices including smartphones.

The new service is an addition to Unisys’ Digistics suite of digital solutions used by 20 of its airline customers that carry more than 180,000 animals annually.

Digi-Pet uses smart sensors attached to the pet’s kennel or carry case to monitor temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light and transmit the data to owner and airline staff if something is wrong.

Pet owners can also subscribe to live video streaming, photos and voice exchanges so that they can see and talk to their pet via an app on their smart phone or tablet.

“We are emotionally attached to our pets and it can be distressing to be separated from them when traveling by air,” said Venkatesh Pazhyanur, Unisys senior industry director of Freight Solutions. He said the new service helps ensure all animals are carried safely by monitoring the pet’s condition from airport drop-off to airport arrival.

Commenting on the March 13 death of 10-month-old puppy 'Kokito' on a United Airlines aircraft after a flight attendant required the animal to be placed in an overhead bin, executive director of the U.S. Animal Legal Defense Fund Stephen Wells said: “As we mourn Kokito’s death, we urge United Airlines to truly take full responsibility by reviewing policy, retraining staff, and financially compensating the family for the full scope of their loss."

In addition to transporting cats and dogs, customers can also use Digi-Pet to ship horses, day-old chicks or hatching eggs, all of which require consistent heat, oxygen and light.

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