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FRANKFURT SOUTH: March 26, 2018. German procurement company Trilatec has launched a 100 percent recycled paper-based pallet option called ‘squAIR-timber’ that it claims is 80 percent lighter than a wooden pallet.

According to Trilatec Technical director Stefan Trinkhaus, a one-meter pallet weighs only 1.2 kilos and can carry up to five tonnes if evenly distributed.

trilatec“The key to the stability lies in the manufacturing process,“ explained Trinkaus. “After working in cold glue combinations into several layers of the cardboard fibers these are laminated together under pressure. This process enables water resistance of the product, thus it is suitable for multiple use and at the same time ISPM15-compliant,” he added.

Last year Cargolux signed an agreement with Trinkaus for its squAIR-timber carboard fiber beams for use on pharma shipments out of Luxembourg.

“The use of modern, environmentally-conscious tools in air cargo underlines our standing as a green cargo carrier at a time when many of our customers put more emphasis on working with a partner who is aware of its responsibility towards the world we live in,” commented Cargolux EVP Global Logistics Lars Syberg. “In addition, Trinkaus provides us with products that make Cargolux more efficient and faster with the added advantage of lower costs. It’s an all-round winner for us.”

The airline says the use of squAIR-timber products has the potential to reduce its fuel consumption by 1,200 tons per year with subsequent lower CO2 emissions, enables shorter build-up times while eliminating the need for forklifts as the pallets can easily be handled by one person, and are 100 percent recyclable with lower disposal costs than wood-based equivalents.

Cargolux has begun a new weekly B747-8 service between Luxembourg and Narita, Japan in cooperation with Nippon Cargo Airlines. The flight leaves Luxembourg every Tuesday and returns via Incheon and Novosibirsk on a Thursday.

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