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BRUSSELS: October 16, 2018. Liege Airport has introduced the 'Nallian for Air Cargo Suite' to its operations.

Liege AirportWith an annual volume of more than 700.000 ton, Liege is launching a cloud-based platform that enables its stakeholders to operate in a more collaborative, integrated way. Single data-entry and secure data-exchange are key to the project, said the airport.

Using Nallian’s open data sharing platform, information that is uploaded once can be shared in a secured, controlled way with other parties as a single version of the truth.

Liege Airport is starting off with six applications: Slot Booking, Export VAT recovery, Freight Consolidation, E-commerce declaration, Cargo Performance Monitoring, and Track & Trace.

A data lake will be fueled with information from these applications, allowing the airport to, amongst others, analyze freight routes in much more detail, using a set of parameters such as freight origin or final destination, commodities, airline and transport mode.

“Nallian’s unique approach of an open data sharing platform empowering collaborative applications gives our business the agility it needs to remain ahead of the game, today and tomorrow," declared Liege Airport vice president Air Services Franz Heuckeroth Van Hessen. "It allows us immediately to reap the benefits with our first set of applications in a range of processes, with the flexibility to quickly scale and add more applications in the future.

"We have been impressed by the proven performance of the platform, and are convinced it will generate significant value for the airport and our stakeholders,” he added.

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