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BERLIN: December 08, 2018. German and UK holiday airlines TUI, Condor and Thomas Cook once again feature at the top of a worldwide ranking of the most CO2-efficient carriers.

atmosfair, a German non-profit organisation that promotes and finances renewable energy in over 15 countries, says only one in 10 airlines worldwide manage to keep their emissions constant while growing their businesses.

dIn its latest review of 190 airlines, atmosfair says other economically growing carriers with constant CO2 emissions include Thai Airways, Finnair, American Airlines and All Nippon Airlines. The annual atmosfair index (AAI) individually compares greenhouse gas emissions and evaluates their carbon efficiency from 92 percent of worldwide air traffic.

Of the top 50 most efficient airlines in the world, 14 are in Europe and 10 in China. LATAM leads the AAI internationally in second place overall while within the EU Transavia France placed 5th and Air Europa Express 8th. China West Air ranked third overall and is the first Chinese airline to remain permanently in the group of the world’s most CO2-efficient carriers.

"Our results show that the efficiency improvements of the vast majority of airlines worldwide is not sufficient, neither for the 1.5 degree nor for the 2.0 degree target of Paris," commented Dietrich Brockhagen, atmosfair managing director. "We need new, synthetic and CO2-neutral fuels and other more radical measures to curb CO2 emissions in the sector."

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s CORSIA agreement to offset growing CO2 emissions by using carbon saving projects outside the aviation industry, only becomes mandatory in 2027.

Manchester-based TUI Airways has begun operating the first of 32 B737-8 MAX aircraft as part of the airline’s investment and commitment to remain the world's most carbon-efficient operator. The new aircraft uses 14 percent less fuel than the previous B737 Next Generation model.

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