MIAMI: January 29, 2019. The Brazilian Post Office (Correios) has launched a global e-commerce service at Miami Airport called ‘Compra Fora’ (Buy Outside). The country is Latin America’s largest economy and was responsible for an estimated 65 percent of the region’s e-commerce sales in 2018.

Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez speaks at the Compra Fora announcement in Brasilia on January 29The express service enables Brazilian Customs to pre-clear packages at Miami from anywhere in the world for delivery in Brazil as domestic cargo in days rather than weeks. According to MIA director and CEO Lester Sola, it is the only US airport able to pre-clear e-commerce bound to Brazil.

Correiros says it chose MIA as its first Compra Fora partner because the airport commands 38 percent of the MIA-Brazil air trade market and generates more than US$12 billion in cargo shipments annually.

A joint venture between Miami-based SinerlogUSA and Interport Logistics allows items purchased by registered Compra Fora customers in Brazil to be stored at Interport’s facility within Miami-Dade County’s Foreign Trade Zone, before being inspected, pre-cleared and shipped from MIA with a Correios label.

Arriving in Brazil as a domestic shipment, cargo is delivered to its final destination via Correio’s logistics network. Compra Fora also allows Brazilian customers to have their own postal network addresses, schedule and group their shipments, pay any required taxes or fees, and track their order with the Sinerlog Safety Tracker (SST) system.

“I am extremely pleased to see this initiative become a reality, after years of hard work and collaboration between Miami-Dade County and Correios,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz, chairman of the International Trade Consortium. “We expect Compra Fora to provide a significant boost to Miami-Dade County’s air trade with Brazil.”

Pictured: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez speaks at the Compra Fora announcement in Brasilia on January 29, 2019.