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Traxens CEO Michel FallahMARSEILLE: CMA CGM has increased its investment in Traxens – an IT company providing real-time data solutions for the shipping line's container fleet.

After three years research and development, the company has begun installing CMA CGM containers with tracking devices to provide real-time data on their positioning, temperature, physical condition, possible theft of the TEU as well as external air pollution and internal condition of the cargo.

According to Traxens founder and CEO Michel Fallah (right), his '4Trax' technology is able to penetrate several layers of containers by relying on automatic radio meshing to send the secure status information including Customs clearance data throughout the logistics chain.

He says by 2017, 12 percent of the CMA CGM container pool will be equipped with tracking devices to provide data collection from any point worldwide.

Elie Zeenny, senior vice president Group IT Systems for the container line commented: "With this technology, CMA CGM brings the shipping industry into a new era. In a world where information is key, we are taking a significant step ahead. We will now be able to collect data in real-time, which is equally important to us and to our clients. Containers are becoming 'connected devices.'"

Acknowledging additional investment by CAAP Création (Crédit Agricole Group) and S.C.R. Provençale et Corse (BPPC Group) Fallah said: "'We are very grateful to CMA CGM for supporting us and bringing their expertise from the very beginning of the Traxens adventure. It allowed us to develop a high-valued and unique solution that is attractive to all transport companies and to reunite a group of solid and active shareholders which includes the investment arms of large national banks."

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