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ROTTERDAM: November 30, 2016. Carbon War Room (CWR), a climate mitigation accelerator founded by Richard Branson and a group of entrepreneurs, has launched a Web portal called 'BetterFleet' to compare peer-to-peer vessel operating efficiency.

Based on similar data and methods used by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), BetterFleet provides free-to-access information to support supply chain managers understand the comparative energy efficiency of different vessels and discover how to reduce emissions and costs.

Rickmers RS NolaCWR shipping operation manager Galen Hon says the portal identifies potential sources of ship inefficiencies, finds opportunities to optimize operations and reduce costs, and empower owners to talk with their charterers and shippers about how operations affect the bottom line, carbon emissions, and the environment.

Registered users can search by ship name or IMO number based on Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to provide an overall performance score of the ship over the previous 12 months compared with ships of similar type and size.

The portal already includes a large portion of the tanker, bulk carrier and container ship fleets, and CWR says more vessel types and sizes will be added over time.

Captain Kavil Madhu Nair, a vice president for Rickmers Ship Mangement in Singapore and who has tested BetterFleet commented: "Ships now operate in a world where effective decision-making is more vital than ever, affecting trading relationships, the environmental impact of transporting goods and the bottom lines of owner, operator and shipper alike. In this world, transparent and consistent information is becoming increasingly important, with access to operational efficiency data a key consideration for forward-looking organizations.

"We see real potential for BetterFleet to help owners, managers and shippers to re-shape the market," he added.

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