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STAVANGER, NORWAY: The world's first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled carrier has started trials in the port city of Zhangjiagang in east China's Jiangsu Province.

The 5,000 dwt ocean-going cargo vessel, named "polar bear" and built by Tsuji Heavy Industries, is the first of two ships to be delivered to shipping and logistics company Nor Lines.Nors Lines

The ship's design was developed by Rolls-Royce Maritime and in addition to the use of natural gas includes innovations in hull design, propulsion and power generation to increase energy efficiency.

Nor Lines CEO Toralf Ekrheim thinks the future fuel for ships is natural gas. Compared to oil consumption, he says the two Nor Lines ships will reduce CO2 emissions by 35 percent and eliminate 90 percent of nitrogen oxides and sulfur.

"For nearly 40 years , there has been a clear political objective of transferring more freight traffic from road to sea. As we make speeches about the action and invest half a billion NOK in new natural gas-powered eco ship, we hope that the authorities will also improve conditions for the increased use of maritime transport of cargo.

"This will be both good environmental policy and good transport policy. Because environmentally friendly maritime transport should be a real choice for buyers. [However] there must also be a commercially competitive alternative . A better adjusted tax regime and better conditions will increase the competitiveness of sea transport," he added.

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