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CROYDON, UK/AMSTERDAM: August 06, 2019. Leasing company TIP Netherlands is going to provide customers with trailers incorporating the Dearman revolutionary liquid nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration unit.

The company says its trailer leasing customers want cleaner and more efficient solutions for their tractor units and the Dearman engine will complement this goal with a clean refrigeration solution for trailers.

TIP Dearman engineVice president Benelux Rogier Laan commented: “TIP sees its customers frequently playing with the question of how to deal with issues such as sustainability and the type of trailers to be used. We therefore see it as our responsibility to be the best industry partner for these topics and we support innovative solutions that contribute in making our industry more sustainable.”

In addition to its refrigeration systems, Dearman is developing applications upstream in the cold chain including mobile pre-cooling for fresh produce to reduce food waste and associated carbon; and urban and ‘last mile’ solutions including zero emissions transport refrigeration for electrically driven medium-duty delivery vehicles, extending their range and deployment viability.

“TIP’s support for clean technology innovation is major step to enable fleet operators to meet the increasing environmental demands upon them from regulators, foods producers and retailers,” explained Dearman chief commercial officer Khaled Simmons. “The license to operate diesel-powered refrigeration is closing in and it will take leadership from innovative leasing companies like TIP to support the transition to clean alternatives.”

TIP Trailer Services, owned by infrastructure investment company Squared Capital, specialises in trailer leasing, rental, maintenance and repair across 16 European countries and Canada.

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