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Wiremind EUROSTAR Wiremind is proud to announce that Eurostar has chosen to implement its market-leading Revenue Management Solution, CAYZN.

The two companies recently signed a 5-year partnership contract until 2029.

With Eurostar on board, Wiremind’s CAYZN client base now includes a pan European rail champion, strengthening Wiremind’s footprint in Europe. The implementation of CAYZN at Eurostar is scheduled to begin soon, with the official go-live planned for Q1 2025.

Eurostar’s decision to adopt CAYZN stems from the success it has demonstrated in improving revenues for multiple railway operators, including SNCF, DSB, MTRX, VR, and others. CAYZN currently optimizes prices and routes for an annual 250 million passengers, a number which will increase with the addition of Eurostar.

“We place our trust in this intelligent digital solution to ensure that our customers are offered the best options at best rates and on routes that maximize our efficiency, profitability, and – in the long term – our sustainability and support our growth ambitions.” stated François Le Doze, Chief Commercial Officer of Eurostar.

Eurostar’s choice of CAYZN is proof of the solution’s success in revenue management and optimization. In collaborating with Wiremind, Eurostar is looking to modernise its revenue management operations, leveraging Wiremind’s advanced AI models to identify new revenue opportunities and improve its load factors.

“We are proud to count such a major operator like Eurostar as our customer,” says Colin Girault-Matz, CEO of Wiremind. “This partnership with Eurostar is a significant step forward for Wiremind and expands our presence in Europe. CAYZN remains one of the most advanced Revenue Management Solutions available to the rail industry, and Wiremind is continuously improving its AI-based models to ensure optimum revenue and load factor optimization for customers. Wiremind aims to be the world leader in revenue management for passenger transportation, and the addition of Eurostar to our client base is a significant milestone on the journey towards achieving this goal.”

CAYZN currently optimizes around €12 billion in revenue, assisting with 640,000 pricing decisions per day. Wiremind looks forward to a successful partnership with Eurostar, helping them connect to Europe and increase their overall traffic.

Designed by industry experts, CAYZN is an intuitive, AI-powered Revenue Management Solution that streamlines the process of managing capacity and pricing for revenue optimization. CAYZN offers a user-friendly interface with a modern UI and workflow standards to facilitate analysis and revenue-making decisions. CAYZN's Business Rules Engine empowers users to automate repetitive tasks and manage numerous variables with ease. Leveraging cutting-edge operational research and Machine Learning, CAYZN delivers a real-time forecasting and optimization pipeline that can handle thousands of departures, helping users to find the optimal price path that maximises revenues and load factor.

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