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KATOWICE: December 17, 2018. A coalition of rail freight companies and federations from across Europe has announced a commitment to save up to 290 million tons of C02 transport emissions by 2030.

Freight transport produces 275 million tons of C02 emissions a year and is estimated to grow at a rate of 30 percent by 2030 or the size of the entire German freight market and the equivalent of one million more trucks.

Rail Freight ForwardWith rail freight emitting nine times less CO2 than road freight, the coalition called Rail Freight Forward aims to boost the share of rail in overall freight transport from 18 percent to 30 percent in the next 12 years.

Freight transport accounts for 6.0 percent of European GDP, with over 19 billion tons carried every year. With 75 percent of all freight transport by road, the sector has an estimated yearly emission of 275 million tons of C02.

The Rail Freight Forward signatories say they are convinced rail has a crucial role to play in building a more sustainable freight sector and have committed to work together to transform and modernize the industry.

To mark their climate commitment, the coalition has launched ‘Noah’s Train’. It will be in Vienna on January 14, Berlin January 24, Paris February 05 and Brussels February 20. In each city local street artists will gradually transform the train into the world’s longest mobile artwork, inspired by the oldest tale of environmental activism.

Members include Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Rail Cargo Group, PKP Cargo, LTE, Green Cargo, CFL, BLS Cargo, Lineas, Mercitalia Intermodal, Ost-West, SBB Cargo, ZSSK Cargo, CER, ERFA, UIC and VDV.

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