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HONG KONG: October 12, 2018. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) has installed 1,300 sq. mt. of solar panels on the roof of its SuperTerminal 1 facility in Hong Kong.

hactl green signingThe installation will generate 160 kWp and the output fed into the local power grid.

Hactl’s CEO Wilson Kwong commented: “This is a major step forward in Hactl’s ‘Green Terminal’ project and will make a significant contribution to our efforts to minimise our terminal’s environmental impact.

“Given the size and nature of buildings in the world of air cargo and logistics, the scope for similar installations is enormous; and there is a strong economic argument as well as an environmental one.”

The system is being designed, installed and maintained by CLP Engineering Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings.

In August Hactl marked the latest phase in its environmental programme with an event entitled ‘Don’t Wait, Act Now’ to instill a sense of urgency in  reducing society’s collective environmental impact.

Quality Assurance senior manager Benny Siu, who has spearheaded Green Terminal since its inception, said the initiative was designed to change the habits of the company’s staff, tenants and terminal users.

“With this event and our recent actions, we are asking people to think about their personal impact on the environment, and to make small changes that can make a big difference. We hope that good eco habits nurtured in the workplace will travel home with our staff and be shared with families and friends,” he explained.

Pictured: Alex Keisser, managing director of CLP Engineering (centre left) and Hactl CEO Wilson Kwong (centre right) celebrate the contract signing with representatives of both companies at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 facility.

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