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KUWAIT CITY: October 24, 2018. The Carbon Trust, an independent expert in sustainable strategies and technologies, has validated the methodology and processes that Agility uses to generate carbon footprint reports for logistics customers.

The validation allows Agility to demonstrate that its carbon reporting methodology and processes comply with the organization’s reporting guidance for transparency and accuracy.

This was achieved by developing a methodology to ensure the accurate monitoring, quantifying and reporting of CO2 emissions data from the movement of a customer's shipment. The methodology was audited extensively and approved by the Carbon Trust, and it has now been incorporated into Agility's carbon reporting processes.

agility carbon trustThe Kuwait-based company has been providing free carbon footprint reports to customers since 2009, enabling them to track and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions created in their supply chains. Now Agility’s customers can use the free CO2 reports to offset emissions resulting from the transportation of their shipments.

This information is also available to small and medium-sized logistics customers (SMEs) using ‘Shipa Freight’, the online freight service powered by Agility. Shipa Freight customers will get free CO2 emissions estimates for their shipments when they receive quotes and invoices.

Frank Clary, Agility’s vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility commented: “Agility and others in the logistics industry are determined to address the challenge of climate change. The Carbon reporting that is validated by an internationally recognized expert such as the Carbon Trust is a key part of this. Armed with accurate information, our customers can understand their carbon footprint and take steps to create cleaner, and in some cases zero-emission supply chains by offsetting reported CO2 emissions.”

Clary said that for the first time SMEs could also make use of carbon-estimating technology to scrutinize their supply chains and choose shipment options that reduce their emissions. “Shipa Freight, our online freight platform, provides SME customers with this information even at the quote stage. That helps them make informed, accurate decisions for their business and the environment.”

Hugh Jones, Carbon Trust managing director added: “Companies are starting to pay a lot of attention to the carbon emissions in their supply chains, especially in areas with the highest impacts such as logistics. By taking a best practice approach to emissions measurement, Agility is able to meet this demand by supplying its customers with accurate, credible data which they can rely on to understand, manage and offset carbon emissions."

EcoVadis, an independent organization that evaluates and rates corporate sustainability programs, recently ranked Agility in the top four percent in environmental performance in its industry.

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