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BENTONVILLE, AK: The Walmart Foundation has provided US$875,000 to The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) in a bid to help Chinese companies improve their product supply chains.

The TSC is a nonprofit organization combining science with business to enable the consumer goods industry to develop, produce and sell more sustainable products.
The new money follows a US$2 million Walmart grant in 2012 and will be spent on sustainability research in two new categories - footwear and large appliances.

walmart china"At Walmart, sustainability requires collaboration with NGOs, government agencies, suppliers and many other partners, spanning all the major areas of its supply chain, including suppliers, logistics, store operations and customers," said Guy Robertson, TSC vice president of Global Sourcing. "Over the past year, more than 100 of our largest direct suppliers in China are actively using the sustainability index developed by TSC to evaluate their product sustainability; these efforts reinforce our commitment to help the people of China live better."

With China's impact on global trade systems, the TSC thinks there is "tremendous benefit" if stakeholder groups understand, help build, and adopt a globally-harmonized method of researching, measuring, and communicating sustainability standards and good practices across the full lifecycle of products.

"The Sustainability Consortium mission is to create more sustainable consumer products across sectors and throughout entire product lifecycles," added CEO Sheila Bonini. "A significant amount of consumer goods impact is in the supply chain, and China is central to the global consumer product supply chain."

TSC has over 100 members - including manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, civil society and corporations – who collaborate on the innovation of new products and supply networks. Arizona State University and the University of Arkansas jointly administer the organization with additional operations at Wageningen in the Netherlands and Nanjing University in China.

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