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MUNICH: March 01, 2016. The Reverse Logistics Group’s (RLG) After Market Services division has expanded its returns management capability with the acquisition of British-Romanian company Britcom and Czech- based Kvenna.

The two companies, specializing in refurbishment and remarketing of electronic and electric appliances, will operate as ‘Cycleon-Recare’.

Cycleon-RecareThorsten Runge, Cycleon-Recare vice president said integrating refurbishment and re-marketing services would accelerate the whole returns management business: “Returns had been long considered a pure loss-maker and a difficult process for customers to manage. We offer great experience and efficient processes for refurbishment, combined with great competence for remarketing of refurbished goods.

"Thus we are able to achieve a positive financial result of returns while securing full compliance for electronic products allocated to recycling,” he added.

Runge said the key to successful refurbishment and remarketing is an efficient pre-sorting and grading process. Cycleon-Recare has 20 consolidation centers throughout Europe to determine whether a product is suitable for resale or recycle.

Small domestic appliances worth €50 are sent to its facilities in Birmingham, Bucharest or Pilsen for refurbishment and resale. In addition to standard repair, cleaning and re-packaging services, customers can add data wiping, product auditing and testing to the remake process.

According to Cycleon-Recare, up to 85 percent of goods can be resold as refurbished items of different quality levels.

RLG manages reverse logistics solutions and provides individual and collective take-back-systems for products and reusable materials in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Based in Dornach, Munich, the company is an indirect subsidiary of Monitor Clipper Equity Partners II L.P.

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