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MLADA BOLESLAV, Czech Republic: August 22, 2016. Car manufacturer ŠKODA, part of the VW Group, has adopted some smartwear called ProGlove to improve its logistics management visibility.  

Munich-based ProGlove has embedded sensors and scanners into industrial gloves to enable manufacturing and logistics staff work faster and more safely. The system provides error alerts and the recording of workflow and compliance data for analysis by business intelligence systems.

Skoda PROGLOVEAccording to the company the goal is to enable a new level of business insight for both the modern enterprise and the human talent on which it relies.

With a first round funding of US2.2 million Thomas Kirchner, founder and CEO of the Internet-of-Things start-up, said: "We see great value in supporting the worker in logistics and manufacturing industries, and we're glad that in Intel, GETTYLAB and Bayern Kapital, we've found partners that share our vision."

James Jackson, general manager of the Maker and Innovator Group at Intel Corporation added: "ProGlove's enterprise solution has great potential to reduce physical work stress, improve ergonomics and reduce costly workplace mistakes – not only in the automotive sector, but throughout the manufacturing and logistics industries."

After lengthy testing ŠKODA says the glove has proved an ideal solution for series production. According to the company the smartwear can show whether the right part is being used and whether production steps are being followed. The glove can read bar codes both vertically and horizontally and the data confirmed by using a button on the index finger.

"Nowadays, logistics is an important economic and competitive factor which contributes considerably to a car manufacturer's success," said Jiří Cee, head of ŠKODA Brand Logistics. "At ŠKODA, we therefore continuously test cutting-edge technology in order to improve the day-to-day work of our employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps our team to work more quickly, more efficiently and with virtually no errors," he added.

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