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HILVERSUM, The Netherlands: July 08, 2019. Rhenus Air & Ocean is partnering with Dutch aid organisation Wings for Aid (WfA) to help ensure the last mile delivery of relief goods.

Start-up Wings for Aid has developed a delivery system using unmanned small airplanes and smart technology enabling boxes of emergency aid to land with great precision in normally inaccessible locations.

Wings for Aid unmanned vehicle"Our goal is to provide emergency aid where no one else can and to be there within 48 hours, anywhere in the world,” commented WfA director Barry Koperberg, “The strength and network of Rhenus Air & Ocean will help us achieve that ambition."

The WfA system can be used for disaster relief and the planned supply of medicines in remote areas. In 2018 it was tested in the Dominican Republic delivering 20kgs. of emergency aid per flight. As a result WfA is now developing an unmanned aircraft capable of flying a roundtrip of 500 kms. and delivering 120 kgs. Testing will take place later this year.

Bridging the so-called 'last mile' in disaster areas that are difficult to reach is a major logistical problem. According to Rhenus, 100 million people in disaster areas are in need of emergency aid every year and 20 percent are poorly served.

Rhenus will provide the logistics to get the WfA delivery system to its destination anywhere in the world.

"The goal of our partnership is to combine our growth ambition, by offering innovative logistics solutions, with the drive to also have a positive social impact," added Frank Roderkerk, Rhenus Group Regional manager Air & Ocean Benelux.

In addition to working with Rhenus Air & Ocean, WfA also works closely with Dutch technical universities and the German aviation institute DLR.

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