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PITTSBURGH, February 08, 2017. FedEx Supply Chain has launched FedEx Fulfillment, an integrated e-commerce and transport platform for SMEs to manage multichannel orders and inventory from websites and online marketplaces.

FedEx Supply Chain, formerly Genco, provides U.S. businesses with integrated logistics solutions including warehousing, distribution, transportation, e-commerce fulfillment and reverse logistics. FedEx purchased Genco for US$1.4 billion in 2015.

Leutze-PaintingWith US$1.6 billion in annual revenue at the time of the acquisition, Genco was a self-described "forefather in reverse logistics – providing triage, test and repair, remarketing and product liquidation solutions" to technology, consumer, industrial, retail and healthcare customers.

FedEx said its new fulfillment platform will provide customers a degree of visibility to enable them track items, manage inventory, analyze trends and make more informed decisions by better understanding shoppers' spending behaviors.

"FedEx Fulfillment gives small and medium-sized businesses the potential to achieve profitable and scalable growth," commented Ryan Kelly, senior vice president, FedEx Supply Chain. "Online shoppers show deep-rooted loyalty to brands with fast shipments, easy returns, positive customer service experiences and flexible delivery options," he added.

In another same-day development, FedEx has delivered a painting commemorating the purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire.

Painted by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, better known for Washington Crossing the Delaware painted in 1851, The Signing of the Alaska Treaty of Cession on March 30 1867 (right) captures the negotiations between Russian and American dignitaries.

Until today, the painting had never left the Seward House Museum in Auburn, New York.

However with the 150th anniversary of the 'Alaska Purchase' next month, Leutze's original painting has now made the trip to Alaska for the first time courtesy of FedEx where it will be exhibited in Fairbanks, Juneau and Anchorage before returning to New York.

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