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ATLANTA, GA: August 06, 019. A new UPS survey of online shopping habits says customers want transparency on fees, control over the delivery process, easy returns and loyalty rewards.

UPS conducted its 2019 study in 15 countries and regions including the US, Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and, for the first time, India and examined the impact Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers are having on retail trends.

UPS on line consumer survey 2019Key conclusions include: 90 percent of customers research items before purchasing them online, while younger generations are most likely to be influenced by customer reviews. Ninety-five percent of all buyers expect to see all shipping fees and taxes totaled before they’ll complete the purchase.

Online shoppers want to feel valued and be rewarded and 19 percent have more than five loyalty memberships. Ninety-six percent have used a marketplace, 36 percent intend to purchase more in the next 12 months and 48 percent buy items impulsively.

Shoppers want still want choice and convenience, but they’d rather not pay for it, says UPS. Respondents say they like next-day deliveries, but will consider other options - such as lower fees or incentives - for slower shipping. Millennial shoppers are more likely to choose accelerated delivery options than other age groups, notes the survey.

Fifty-six percent of online shoppers track deliveries, with Americans the most likely. Returning merchandise remains a key demand for online shoppers with 73 percent saying the returns experience affected whether they would continue shopping with a retailer. Globally, 36 percent of online shoppers returned an item in the previous three months.

Globally, 63 percent of respondents said they returned items with the highest percentage in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Having to pay for a return annoys 24 percent of consumers, as does a delay in receiving an exchange or a replacement item (21 percent).

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