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BONN: November 12, 2018. Columbia Capital, a Washington, DC-based venture capital group, is to invest US$21 million in DHL’s cloud-based supply chain risk management solution Resilience 360.

According to DHL the platform alerts shippers about risks to their global supply chain in “almost” real time. As a result, businesses can visualize their supply chains end-to-end, use machine learning capabilities to detect early warnings of incidents that can disrupt their supply chain, and allow customers to preemptively respond and minimize business interruption.

DHL trucks“Resilience360 is a key part of DHL’s value proposition. By bringing in Columbia Capital, we have the opportunity to significantly enhance its capabilities, particularly in data analytics and accelerate the growth of the platform and provide an even better service offering to our customers,” said Katja Busch, DHL’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Supply chain risk management is more important than ever to our customers and aiding global supply chains to be more resilient is a critical part of our business. The investment reflects our commitment to helping the industry manage risks beyond the DHL network,” she continued.

“Supply chain technology and analytics have huge potential to increase supply chain efficiency and create value,” added John Siegel, a partner at Columbia Capital. “We spent significant time meeting with many companies that are addressing this opportunity and believe that Resilience360 has very unique capabilities and potential.”

In a related risk context, DHL Freight has launched a driver recruitment initiative to counter a labour shortage in the logistics sector.

“Our industry is currently being driven by an ever- increasing demand for transport, not least because of the continued strong growth in e- commerce. While we have sufficient loading capacity, we are noticing an increasingly urgent shortage of drivers,” explained DHL Freight CEO Uwe Brinks. “We have now adopted a far-sighted approach to addressing this problem with our driver recruitment initiative, which is aimed at ensuring that we can continue to provide our customers with the certainty and service they have come to expect from us.”


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