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GENEVA: May 22, 2019. Global Risk Profile (GRP), a specialist in third-party risk management, has launched an index on global corruption (GCI) and a second covering the environment, social and governance (ESGI).

Encompassing 199 countries, GCI provides a comprehensive overview on the state of corruption throughout the world. Composed of 28 variables, it relies on data provided from recognised international sources including the UN and the World Bank.

Global Risk Indices“Our index includes innovative indicators that capture the complexity of corruption, including both private and public corruption, as well as country characteristics,” explained Joël Pastre, CEO and founder of GRP.

The ESGI is based on international references such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Global Compact, the eight ILO fundamental conventions and the UN Conference on Environment and Development.

In line with trending legislations aimed at preventing major environmental and human rights violations, it provides a global score for 177 countries based on 45 structured variables.

“After more than a year of R&D and dedicated effort, I am extremely proud to present these complementary indexes specifically targeted for risk management professionals to facilitate the implementation of adequate policies,” added Joël Pastre. “The development of the GCI and the ESGI are of paramount importance for effective risk evaluation in compliance with anti-corruption regulations such as the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and the Law Sapin II, as well as the Modern Slavery Act and the French law Duty of Vigilance from an ESG perspective.”

Founded in 2009, GRP services range from integrated compliance solutions to due diligence checks and investigations for multinationals and small businesses.

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