FRANKFURT: August 23, 2018. Cargo handling agent LUG has updated its Frankfurt International-based Health Care Center (HCC) in the airport's CargoCity South with an expansion of its temperature-controlled area to 625

IATA CEIV Pharma Certificate Award IMG 5386And due to rising demand the company has just started construction of an additional 190 expansion which is planned to go into operation by the end of 2018.

LUG says the handling of pharmaceutical products, as well as the corresponding infrastructure, have been certified recently to the IATA CEIV Pharma Standard: “We are delighted that, as a key member of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, LUG aircargo handling (FRA) has completed this process,” said Mathias Jakobi, IATA’s Area manager Central Europe.

“This important certification demonstrates the commitment and expertise of LUG in handling sensitive and high value pharma shipments according to international industry standards. It also strengthens the position of Frankfurt airport as one of the leading pharma gateways worldwide,” he added.

“LUG has invested heavily in the handling process of temperature sensitive goods with the expansion and modernisation of the HCC. Throughout the whole development process the IATA CEIV Standard has given us a clear guideline to provide our clients with the services that sensitive products require,” aded Dominik Misskampf, senior Project manager and manager HCC, LUG aircargo handling.

Different rooms in the Health Care Center offer temperature ranges between <-18°C, 2-8°C, and 15-25°C and the capacity can be adjusted to operational needs says the company, a member of the family-owned Dettmer Group.