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DOVER: October 02, 2018. As Britain’s ruling Conservative party meets in Birmingham for its annual conference, the Port of Dover has warned that post-Brexit government plans to divert traffic to other UK ports will cost £2.5 billion, citing a study by Oxera Consulting.

The port says it handles up to 110 miles of freight traffic a day via 120 ferry crossings to and from Europe in support of Britain’s just-in-time supply chains that require “frictionless trade” with the EU.

Port of Dover UKPort of Dover head of EU Exit Tim Reardon commented: “It is clearly good news that the government recognises the need to keep traffic flowing through Dover, not just for the port but for everyone who relies on the goods in the lorries. Trying to divert the traffic through other ports is a non-starter. The port capacity isn’t there, and a whole new fleet of ferries would be needed which simply doesn’t exist.

“Successful future trade with Europe must be about delivering a realistic solution. That means a free-flowing Dover, whose speed, efficiency and capacity cannot be replicated without adding significant cost to the supply chain,” he continued.

According to the port, it has been working with Theresa May’s government for truck traffic to be pre-notified to Customs so that the flow of vehicles can transit Britain's premier trade gateway unimpeded.

Established by Royal Charter in 1606, Dover handles £122 billion, or 17 percent, of the UK’s total annual trade in goods and processes 2.6 million trucks a year. Every day the port handles 120 ferry departures and arrivals, with a 45-50 minute turnaround by P&O Ferries and DFDS, and 400-500 freight vehicles per hour at peak periods.

Reardon added: “We are determined that our customers can continue to rely on Dover, so that their customers can keep factories busy, shops full and prices low for consumers across the UK.”

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