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ECS GroupFor 2024, ECS Group’s priorities are set on the ongoing upskilling of its talented workforce, on expanding commercial partnerships, and on striving for digital perfection.

The group continues to empower its employees with the skills and qualifications required to deliver on customer requests within the rapidly changing air cargo market. It is also focused on expanding its global reach in terms of network and new customers, augmenting and promoting its unique Abilities portfolio, and developing new digital opportunities with CargoTech members.

ECS Group's strategy of expanding its geographical footprint through acquisitions reflects a deliberate approach to growth. "These strategic expansions into Africa, Central America, Asia and Europe are integral to our mission of serving our clients more effectively, wherever they are in the world," says Adrien Thominet, Executive Chairman of ECS Group. This expansion is about more than just increasing ECS Group's size; it's about deepening the commitment to providing local expertise backed by a global network, with a humble approach that recognizes the value of close client relationships”.

ECS Group's focus on its workforce is about recognizing the individual contributions that together make up the company's strength. "Investing in our team's development is fundamental, but we approach this with the understanding that personal growth and team empowerment directly impact the quality of service we provide to our clients," Thominet emphasizes. This approach underlines the importance ECS Group places on empowering the workforce, fostering an environment where every team member feels valued and equipped to meet client needs.

At the heart of ECS Group’s transformative approach is the "Augmented GSSA" concept, a strategic innovation launched three years ago that elevates the traditional GSA model. This concept rests on four foundational pillars: technology, sustainability, commercial strategies, and abilities. "Within this augmented framework, our Abilities portfolio represents a key pillar, showcasing our commitment to delivering beyond the basics of GSA services by offering tailored, cutting-edge outsourcing solutions," explains Thominet.
ECS Group is dedicated to expanding this particular pillar by developing new satellite roles, each directed by a leader who manages a specialized team. This structure ensures the Abilities are as targeted and client-centric as the rest of ECS Group's services, perfectly embodying the Augmented GSSA ethos. "By integrating these innovative Abilities into our service model, we’re not just responding to our clients’ current challenges; we’re anticipating their future needs." Thominet elaborates.

ECS Group's strategic embrace of digital innovation, especially through the partnership with CargoTech, marks a pivotal step towards redefining GSSA services with advanced digital solutions. This partnership has launched ECS Group into a leadership position in digital transformation within the GSSA sector, focusing on creating tech ecosystems that not only streamline operations but also enhance service transparency. Adrien Thominet, emphasizing the intent behind these innovations, states, "Our journey towards digital excellence is driven by a dedication to our clients' needs, ensuring each technological advancement directly benefits them." This mindset underscores ECS Group's approach to digital innovation as a means to deliver superior service, ensuring that every digital tool developed or adopted is with the client's best interest in mind.

Parallel to its digital initiatives, ECS Group is pioneering sustainability in the air freight industry. The goal to digitize 75% of booking and administrative processes is part of a broader ambition to merge operational efficiency with environmental responsibility. "Our digital transformation endeavors are deeply intertwined with our commitment to sustainability," Thominet explains, highlighting how digital advancements contribute to eco-friendly practices. The collaboration with CargoTech members—Wiremind, CargoAi, Rotate, and CharterSync—is instrumental in this regard, as it leads to the creation of digital tools that not only enhance operational transparency and efficiency but also support ECS Group's sustainability objectives. By focusing on digital innovation, ECS Group is not just optimizing its service offerings but is also taking significant steps towards a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand, further solidifying its position as a forward-thinking leader in the global GSSA market.

ECS Group's vision for 2024 underscores a commitment to growth, digital innovation, and sustainability, all aimed at enhancing client satisfaction and environmental stewardship. Through strategic expansions and a focus on digital excellence, ECS Group is poised to lead the GSSA industry into a future where technology and client-centricity converge to create unmatched value.

DB Cargo locomotives A new generation of locomotives has been unveiled that will make DB Cargo's fleet more efficient and powerful in the future.

The “Vectron Dual Mode light” combines electric and diesel drive for adaptability in freight transportation. The modern hybrid locomotive can easily switch between electric and diesel operations. It helps avoid time-consuming shunting and maneuvering, and can be used flexibly, with or without overhead lines.

The Vectron Dual Mode light has been specially optimized for DB Cargo's operational requirements. Compared to a conventional Vectron Dual Mode, it is several tons lighter for even more efficient operations and provides access to branch lines and sidings with lower load capacities. This benefits single wagon loads, which will become faster and more efficient as the time to reclamp locomotives will be significantly reduced. In addition, the new generation of locomotives is pre-equipped for digital train operations in the future.

Sigrid Nikutta, DB Board Member for Freight Transport and head of DB Cargo: "This new generation of locomotives is important for DB Cargo. Many customers will benefit from this and – important for all of us – the environment is the big winner. If we operate this locomotive with green electricity and HVO diesel from cooking oils, we offer our customers an almost CO2-free supply chain from start to finish – without intermediate stops. All in all, the new generation of locomotives will make rail freight transport more efficient in the long term. And we can focus even more on the wishes and circumstances of our customers, because the new locomotive can be used under all conditions."

"Our state-of-the-art Vectron Dual Mode light reduces CO2 emissions, lowers maintenance efforts, and ensures greater flexibility in freight transportation,” says Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility. “On electrified sections of the line, it is purely electric, while on sections without overhead lines, it is possible to switch to conventional drive without changing locomotives. In this way, we are supporting DB Cargo in implementing climate-friendly supply chains right down to the 'last mile.' "Thanks to many digital technologies and equipment on board, such as shunting by remote control or the modern ETCS train control system, our locomotive is perfectly equipped for the future for DB Cargo."

DB has ordered 150 locomotives from Siemens Mobility in an initial order. With the use of the new dual-power locomotives, DB Cargo will save around 12 million liters of fuel and 25,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The first locomotives will be used around Europe's most modern marshalling yard in Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony where DB Cargo's customers in the region will be the first to benefit.

DB Cargo's goal is to equip around 70 percent of its diesel locomotives with innovative drives by 2030.

Unsworth awardUnsworth, a leading UK-based freight forwarding and logistics company, has been named as WCAworld's Best European Partner following an independent vote by the members of the world's largest network of freight and logistics businesses.

The company was presented with the award at the WCAworld Top Partners of the Year awards ceremony; which was held at a gala dinner attended by over 4,100 delegates during the recent WCAworld Worldwide Conference 2024, in Dubai.

Unsworth was recognised by its peers in WCAworld for its exceptional service and commitment to excellence, winning the vote for the title of Best European Partner amidst strong competition from the network’s members across the region.

Unsworth Group CEO, Richard Hogg said: "It is great that our team's dedication in providing top-notch service and delivering value to our clients and partners has been recognised with this award; which represents third party endorsement of our commitment to client satisfaction and the promotion of a culture of continuous improvement.”

In a landmark year that will see Unsworth UK celebrate its 50th anniversary, it continues to try to set the standards for excellence in the freight forwarding industry, leveraging its expertise and innovation to meet the evolving needs of its clients and partners worldwide.

Silk Way West Airlines Istanbul Silk Way West Airlines, the leading cargo airline in the Caspian and Central Asian region, has expanded its commitment to a modern and eco-friendly fleet by amending its contract with Boeing to purchase an additional Boeing 777 Freighter, scheduled for delivery in 2025.

This amendment is an extension to the original agreement signed in April 2021, and further demonstrates Silk Way West Airlines' commitment to sustainability in the air cargo industry.

This addition builds upon the initial contract, wherein Silk Way West Airlines committed to purchasing five Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft, two of which have already been received, with delivery of the remaining jets to take place by 2027.

With its advanced technology the Boeing 777 Freighter is renowned for its environmental performance, offering reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption compared to other freighter aircraft. This plane is equipped with innovative features and technologies that enhance operational efficiency whilst reducing environmental impact. From its lightweight composite materials to its advanced aerodynamics, the Boeing 777 Freighter sets new standards for sustainability in air cargo transportation.

"At Silk Way West Airlines, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact," said Mr. Zaur Akhundov, President of Silk Way Group. "The purchase of this additional Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft is a testament to our ongoing efforts to operate responsibly and minimize our carbon footprint. We are proud to partner with Boeing to further renew our fleet and contribute to a greener future for the aviation industry."

“The unmatched capacity, range and efficiency of the Boeing 777 Freighter will help Silk Way West Airlines expand its world-class cargo operations,” said Paul Righi, Boeing vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing for Eurasia. “As the airline continues to build its modern freighter fleet, we are proud to be a part of the journey and provide Silk Way West Airlines with the best solutions to support its future growth.”

Qatar Airways Aer Lingus Qatar Airways and Aer Lingus (EI) are launching a new codeshare partnership beginning 13 March 2024.

The codeshare will give customers greater access to more destinations across the UK and Ireland, and benefit passengers across the globe – including in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and New Zealand.

Qatar Airways will add its codeshare on flights operated by Aer Lingus (EI), the national carrier of Ireland, and Aer Lingus Regional, in a move which further strengthens Qatar Airways’ ongoing partnership expansion with International Airlines Group (IAG). Once implemented, Qatar Airways will have codeshare coverage with all IAG carriers, including British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, and Aer Lingus, solidifying its position in the European market.

This new codeshare will enable connections between Qatar Airways and Aer Lingus (EI) flights through Dublin, London, and Manchester. Customers will be able to travel between Irish and UK destinations including Aberdeen, Belfast, Cork, and Glasgow, through Qatar Airways’ extensive global network via Doha’s hub at Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Airways Chief Commercial Officer, Thierry Antinori, said: “Our new codeshare partnership with Aer Lingus demonstrates Qatar Airways’ commitment to its customers, who will benefit from a wider choice of global destinations. The move also builds on our long-term strategic relationship with IAG as we expand our codeshare coverage even further. It is an exciting opportunity to extend our exceptional service to even more travellers through this partnership.”

Aer Lingus Chief Strategy and Planning Officer, Reid Moody said, “We’re pleased to launch our new codeshare partnership with Qatar Airways, offering their customers a great choice of routes and destinations on Aer Lingus’ extensive network of flights across the UK and Ireland. Customers can expect a warm welcome and friendly service and we look forward to welcoming them on board.”

This follows the recent expansion of the strategic alliance between Qatar Airways, British Airways and Iberia, which offers global connectivity between more countries than any other airline joint business.

TIACA regional event The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) concluded its fourth regional event, the TIACA Event Latin America held March 6-8, 2024 in Sao Paulo, with delegates declaring the event successful as a VIP event that brought together the local air cargo community and international delegates to discuss the opportunities to expand business within Latin America.

TIACA’s first event in Latin America, held in Sao Paulo, brought together over 130 delegates from across the industry to discuss issues that affect the Latin American air cargo market and gave insight into how to do business within Latin America. Topics such as, eCommerce, pharma, perishables, freighter capacity, workforce challenges, digital innovation and air cargo outlook were addressed. Event delegates took part in one and a half days of lively discussions, debate and informational sessions as well as networking opportunities throughout the event that was run immediately after Intermodal 2024.

“This was the first event in Latin America and we needed to ensure that we made a strong impression in the Latin American air cargo community; by collaborating with our partners within Latin America, such as the Craft Group, ALTA and ALACAT, we were able to provide attendees a unique VIP experience.” Steven Polmans, Chair, TIACA

TIACA’s regional events are designed to identify specific issues on a regional level that TIACA can incorporate into our overall work on behalf of the industry. Each regional event will develop an action plan that will be incorporated into TIACA’s strategic objectives and activities.

As the event concluded on International Women’s Day the industry endorsed working to address specific workforce challenges affecting the region. There is a need to ensure an inclusive and diverse workforce, promote opportunities for all and will hopefully encourage more young women to pursue rewarding careers in aviation and logistics.

There was unanimous endorsement to support and drive forward with enhanced digital solutions as an effective means to increase industry efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

The event also shines a spotlight on the great work being performed in support of perishables and ecommerce products within the region.

The exciting leadership played by Brazilian customs and the regions thousands of small and medium forwarding enterprises was welcomed by the delegates as a means to effectively support the regions further economic growth.

“This event in particular showed how strong an influence Latin America has within air cargo and the need to continue to work with our colleagues in Latin America as the industry in this region continues its rapid growth.” Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA

The next TIACA event will be the TIACA Event – Central Asia hosted by Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee and the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan. The event will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, June 19-21, 2024.

Etihad Cargo AweryEtihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Airways, has significantly enhanced its charter service capabilities through a new partnership with Awery Aviation Software.

This collaboration marks a pivotal step in Etihad Cargo's efforts to meet the growing demand for charter services, spurred by the global surge in e-commerce, which has seen the carrier receive a 35 per cent increase in charter requests.

As part of this strategic initiative, Etihad Cargo has implemented a customised version of Awery's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage its Cargo Chartering Programme. This innovative solution will enable Etihad to streamline operations, improve response times, and deliver superior customer service.

Awery, celebrating its 15th anniversary, is a leader in aviation software and provides comprehensive and robust services to airlines worldwide. Etihad Cargo and Awery have collaborated to tailor the solution to meet the carrier's unique requirements and seamlessly integrate the ERP system with Etihad Cargo's current processes.

The Awery ERP system will allow Etihad Cargo to classify and prioritise charter queries, improve analytics and data storage for performance evaluation, and enhance pricing capabilities by providing access to historical data for better decision-making. Driven by intelligent automation (IA), the system reads information from enquiries, making it easily accessible for the creation of future quotes. Etihad Cargo will use this data to consistently provide best-in-class customer service.

Customers will be able to accept quotes and book directly via a single click or reject them, with the option to provide a reason for why the quote has not been accepted. Through the easy retrieval of comparable past quotes, Etihad Cargo has improved its capabilities to set competitive pricing and ensure consistent pricing while offering faster response times.

Stanislas Brun, Vice President Cargo at Etihad Cargo, said: "Etihad Cargo is committed to developing and adopting innovative digital tools that benefit partners and customers. In 2023, Etihad Cargo operated 262 charters, which is a 23 per cent increase compared to the previous year. The tailored Awery ERP system will enable the carrier to meet the increasing demand for charter services in the market and improve operational efficiency and customer service. In managing charter enquiries more efficiently, Etihad Cargo will provide faster response times and attractive offers. This strategic move is poised to set a new standard in cargo charter services, emphasising Etihad Cargo's position as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organisation."

Vitaly Smilianets, CEO of Awery Aviation Software, added: "Working with Etihad Cargo has been a remarkable journey. Our goal was not only to provide a solution that meets the carrier's current needs but also to build a lasting relationship that contributes to Etihad Cargo's long-term success. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, this partnership stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver personalised solutions to our clients."

The implementation of the tailored ERP system is the latest step in Etihad Cargo's digitalisation journey, which has seen the carrier continuously enhance its online booking portal, introduce artificial intelligence-driven tools to optimise operations and boost capacity, and co-develop a sales optimisation tool that has added value to partnerships. Etihad Cargo is committed to leveraging technology to enhance customer service and remain the air cargo partner of choice.

DHL Coventry DHL Supply Chain today announces the opening of a new multi-user facility in Coventry.

The new building is entirely powered by renewable electricity and is the first operationally carbon neutral new build DHL site in the UK.

The building, which has been certified as BREEAM ‘Outstanding’, features an air source heat pump which provides all the warehouse and office heating and cooling requirements. This system will save approximately 135 tonnes of CO2 annually compared to a gas-powered system. Meanwhile, 3000 solar panels, supported by a custom onsite battery storage system developed by DHL’s in-house Digital Manufacturing team, provide over 40% of the site’s electricity, and has increased energy self-sufficiency on site. The site load has been intuitively configured to use stored electricity via the battery storage solution and shift peak demand to off-peak; whilst a real time Building Management System allows continuous visibility of the system’s overall performance. The site features 30 electric vehicle charging spaces and uses all-electric material handling equipment as well as a brand new fully electric tug.

With 900,000 square feet of operating space, the site has been configured for retail and consumer brands with omnichannel requirements thanks to high-capacity racking, a state-of-the-art pick to light system and three levels of mezzanine flooring for lightweight goods. Additional automation features include autonomous cleaning robots, a mobile wrapping robot, and a dimension system to automatically measure the dimensions and volume of parcels and pallets for faster categorisation and sorting.

Natalie Frow, Managing Director Ecommerce & Retail, DHL Supply Chain UK & Ireland said: “As a warehouse that is fully powered by renewable electricity, our new Coventry operation sets the standard for the industry. The highly considered design and fit-out is centred on our three priorities, our people, our customers, and our environment. We’ve created an operation that is not only highly efficient at meeting the demands of omni-channel brands, but it’s a positive space to be in. Since opening applications for vacancies, we’ve had more candidates than any other site which really shows that we’re meeting the needs of the modern workforce and I’m delighted to be welcoming so many new people into the DHL family.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “DHL Supply Chain’s new facility at Coventry Cross Point is certainly impressive, especially in terms of its eco credentials. That’s important because the private sector’s role will be mission critical in helping us achieve our ambitions to be a net zero region by 2041.

“Two other things stood out for me. First was the state-of-the-art service being provided to business, crucial given how the supply chain is such a competitive part of the business world. Second was how this new facility is yet another example of the high levels of inward investment we are seeing across the West Midlands right now, which is providing thousands of good quality jobs for local people.”

The building has been designed with employee wellbeing front and centre. It includes biophilic interior design features to improve employees’ connectivity to the natural environment through features such as side panel windows to bring in natural light, living walls and plants, as well as the use of sustainable, recycled, and natural materials throughout the building. The site also features a contemplation room, a quiet room and a live kitchen serving freshly cooked, healthy meals.

The facility has been built in line with DHL’s Carbon Neutral Building Framework and supports DHL’s Sustainability Roadmap. By the end of 2025, all of DHL Supply Chain’s warehouses will be operationally carbon neutral.

The new warehouse is part of the expansion of the DHL Fulfillment Network (DFN) in the UK.

emiratesskycargo cargo one Cementing its presence on three of the biggest digital marketplaces for air freight logistics, Emirates SkyCargo is now live on cargo.one.

The partnership underscores Emirates SkyCargo’s long standing commitment to implementing digital solutions that streamline operations, drive efficiencies and unlock value for its global customer base. Bolstering its advanced and customer-centric digital distribution strategy, partnering with cargo.one ensures that Emirates SkyCargo offers are present where its customers wish to book.

Through cargo.one, customers will be able to access Emirates SkyCargo schedules, tariff and contract rates, along with real-time access to available capacity, empowering freight forwarders to make immediate bookings at any time. During the initial launch phase, the partnership will roll out in select countries in Europe before expanding across the Americas, Africa, the Far East and Australasia. cargo.one now contributes to Emirates SkyCargo’s digital status in the market, with its seamless booking experience and reach to 15,000 freight forwarders in every corner of the world.

Jeffrey van Haeften, Senior Vice President Cargo Commercial Worldwide, Emirates SkyCargo, said: “Digitalisation is a key way that we help the world work better, providing flexible and convenient options for freight forwarders to seamlessly access Emirates SkyCargo’s world-class product and services. In turn, by streamlining our quotations and bookings, we enable our teams to focus on providing outstanding customer service, which is the cornerstone of our brand. We will continue to invest in digital solutions and partnerships such as cargo.one to enhance the experience for our customers and expedite the movement of goods all over the world.”

Emirates SkyCargo’s four core products are listed on cargo.one, including Emirates Fresh and Emirates Fresh Breathe, an integrated and responsive cool chain purpose-built for perishables; Emirates Airfreight Priority for urgent shipments that require speed and reliability; and Emirates Airfreight for the quick and careful transport of general cargo.

HWA Modex 2024 HWArobotics showcased its high quality, reliable and efficient shuttle automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) technology at the Modex 2024 supply chain show, in Atlanta, Georgia (March 11-14).

The warehousing and logistics robot company has 20 years’ experience in developing and building shuttle robot systems and appeared at MODEX to introduce its comprehensive range of ASRS technology to a North American audience. HWArobotics is looking to expand its customer base in the region and develop new partnerships with distributors, following the successful deployment of its solutions by Canadian 3PL business Darwynn.

Designed to optimize logistics and supply chain management operations, four key HWArobotics product lines were launched in North America at Modex 2024, including three tote shuttles and one pallet shuttle, as well as associated cargo lifts, racking, and control software.

With system availability of more than 99%, excellent reliability, accuracy, and scalability, HWArobotics customizable shuttle robot systems deliver high throughput for a wide range of industry sectors and can be deployed fast to deliver results quickly.

HWArobotics’ warehouse automation experts were on hand at Booth C3885 at this year’s Modex to demonstrate the company’s products, which use high performance components from European suppliers, including Siemens (Germany), Voestalpine (Austria) and Hilti (Lichtenstein). The stand featured the SLS300, SLS400, and SLS600 series tote shuttles and the FPSS1500 pallet shuttle.

Manufactured using durable, long-lasting core components to create a stable structure, the SLS300 series standard tote shuttle storage system delivers high efficiency and up to 24 hours of continuous operation. Capable of speeds of up to 4 m/s and acceleration of 2 m/s, the SLS300 has single machine capability of up to 120 boxes an hour.

Alongside the SLS300, HWArobotics also launched the SLS400 series variable tote shuttle system to the North American market. Offering strong compatibility and flexibility, the robot ASRS solution can mix and store containers of different sizes and can be configured to meet different efficiency requirements.

Reliable, economical and flexible, HWArobotics’ SLS600 3D tote shuttle system meets the needs of low-traffic, high-efficiency environments, such as spare parts, publishing, and ecommerce sites. It has excellent warehouse sharing capabilities as shuttles can realize any change of lane operation, while system capacity can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttles to meet local short-term demand peaks.

Also on display at MODEX 2024 was the highly-controllable FPSS1500 series pallet robot shuttle system designed for warehouses and distribution centers. The four-directional solution is an advanced ASRS designed for efficient pallet handling and storage, with global standard CE and UL certification. Specialized all-electric shuttle devices are capable of moving in four directions within the racking structure, providing enhanced versatility and operational efficiency.

The FPSS1500A is designed for room temperature environments across the manufacturing, distribution, food & beverage, and industrial sectors, and the FPSS1500B has been created specifically for cold storage, such as food, medicine and cold chain businesses. Using AI scheduling algorithms, it has achieved swarm intelligence within the PSR system to automatically adjust efficiency based on the number of vehicles and the rack structure.

Alongside its high performance shuttle devices, HWArobotics has a wide portfolio of goods lifts, racking and picking workstations (including robotic picking), for maximum performance and conveying capacity, high positioning accuracy, and sturdy, high tolerance storage.

HWArobotics General Manager, Sky Chen, explains, “We are delighted to have been at Modex 2024 demonstrating the exceptional range of benefits our tote and pallet shuttle ASRS solutions can deliver. Thank you to the many visitors who visited our stand to learn more about the possibilities our innovative automated warehousing and logistics technology offers to reduce the workload of personnel and deliver efficient and accurate order execution.

“At HWArobotics we are enormously proud of the 20 years’ of experience we have as a pioneer in the field of shuttle robot systems and our exceptional customer service. We have established a base in the US and are excited to enhance the competitiveness of North American businesses with our shuttle ASRS technology.

“The recent deployment of HWArobotics shuttle systems by Darwynn demonstrates how our technology can be up and running quickly and effectively, automating and optimizing logistics and storage processes. Our strong global customer base, including Bosch UAES, Hisense Hitachi, SONY, iCOOP, Shein, Joyson Safety Systems, JD.com and Forvia, is testament to the capabilities we offer to companies seeking intelligent upgrading of their warehouses and manufacturing plants.”

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing Humanitarian Ethiopian Airlines Group, the national flag carrier of Ethiopia, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious ‘Ethiopian Institutional Achievement Award’ today by the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

The Award was given by His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and was conferred to Ethiopian Group CEO, Mr. Mesfin Tasew.

Ethiopian Airlines Group has been distinguished for its substantial role during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it maintained vital air connectivity and also played a pivotal part in the global distribution of the much-needed lifesaving medical supplies and vaccines. The airline's agility and resilience in adapting to the rapidly changing landscape have been instrumental in its recognition. Its achievements in fleet modernization, fast growth and continuous internal capacity building initiatives are the other considerations for the recognition.

Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Mesfin Tasew, reaffirmed the airline's dedication to maintaining its status as a leader in the aviation industry saying, “The Award is a testament to the relentless dedication and hard work of all Ethiopian Airlines employees who have worked tirelessly day and night. This accolade is dedicated to every member of our staff, whose commitment has propelled us to new heights of operational excellence and customer service. It is also a salute to the unwavering commitment and industriousness of every Ethiopian Airlines employee, whose collective efforts have ensured operational continuity and excellence even amidst the most challenging times.”
Ethiopian Airlines extends its heartfelt gratitude to the government of Ethiopia for this honor and reaffirms its commitment to serving the people of Ethiopia and its passengers worldwide with even greater dedication.

Among others, Ethiopian Airlines is a global award winner including Skytrax ‘Best African Airline' for six years in a row.

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