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May 18, 2015: Eyefreight, a leading provider of transportation management systems (TMS), today announced a new product release known as Ceylon incorporating updated functionality for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, including enhanced support for transportation planning and reporting, along with the availability of Eyefreight's customisable mobile application, Eyefreight Mobile.

With the Ceylon product release, Eyefreight offers new and improved functionality, including:

  • Increased collaboration on shipment planning – Allows updates to be made to shipments by third parties, decreasing the dependency on the original shipper.
  • Quick-start spot carrier functionality – Enables planners to create new shipments without all the required data integrations, allowing shipments to be submitted for new carriers with greater efficiency.
  • Real-time GPS integration and map visualisation – Eyefreight can read location data sent from GPS equipment on the Eyefreight mobile app and display shipment locations instantly on a driver's map, allowing the shipper to mitigate delivery risks by knowing carrier locations at key points of the transport.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities with MicroStrategy – Leveraging integrated business intelligence support from MicroStrategy, any end user can now extract data using drag and drop functionality to create and deliver key performance indicator (KPI) management reports with greater ease and efficiency.

With Eyefreight Mobile, shippers and carriers receive an up-to-the-minute, 360-degree view of supply chain operations. Regardless of location, all supply chain parties have instant access to TMS data at their fingertips and can exchange information in real time. Eyefreight Mobile empowers users to improve customer service with real-time communication between shipping partners, including the ability to view products in transit, send event alerts and upload images, track packages by GPS, plan routes via Google maps, sign for receipt, and upload proof of delivery.

"The ever-changing global landscape of transportation and logistics can create challenges to effective communications; Eyefreight Ceylon and Eyefreight Mobile directly address these issues by providing advanced visibility, optimisation and collaboration features supported by real-time data," said Ken Fleming, CEO of Eyefreight. "With our nimble product releases, Eyefreight continues to keep clients ahead of the competition with more enhancements to improve performance and reduce costs across the board."

Eyefreight provides a command centre for shippers, reducing net landed cost of goods while improving business margins. An accessible SaaS solution, Eyefreight deploys its transportation management system (TMS) and inventory visibility rapidly and integrates with existing transportation workflows to reduce total cost of distribution by as much as 30 percent, while improving performance. Eyefreight offers the only transportation management system with inventory allocation algorithms and automated decision-making, weighing variables and calculations much faster than competitors that rely on manual human analysis, calculations and scenario planning.

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