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September 10. 2015: Polymer Logistics, a Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) pooler has won long-term contracts from Wal-Mart and Carrefour to support their supply chains with polymer-based shipping and display units.

Fully recyclable at end of life, the wood-effect crates can be used in exactly the same way as existing plastic-look crates as they have the same footprint and reverse logistics capability.

Foldable and stackable to maximize store and truck space the lightweight crates feature an active lock system for fast and easy erection and collapsing.

Offering a real benefit in terms of cost savings over traditional disposable material, the wood look crates offer robust product protection thus ensuring that produce arrives in store undamaged.

"If retailers truly want to offer their customers that market fresh look, then they need to find an alternative to the industrial looking plastic crate that is prevalent in every produce aisle", said Gideon Feiner, CEO at Polymer Logistics.

The wood-look crates were introduced 18 months ago at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, followed by exhibits at both the United Fresh and Produce Marketing Association (PMA) trade shows in the U.S.

Polymer Logistics provides plastic container and pallet pooling services for manufacturers, suppliers/packers and retailers. An extensive range of returnable transport, storage and display products includes collapsible bins, folding, nesting and stackable crates, together with reusable dollies and pallets. They are cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than traditional one-way transit packaging and are suffciently robust for retail supply chain logistics.

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