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TNT Medpak V1 2HOOFDDORP, Netherlands: April 14, 2016. TNT has launched its cold chain packaging and shipping solution Medpak VI°C with a clinical trial company and global biotech business.

Medpak VI°C is a reusable temperature-controlled package network service for manufacturers to ship temperature-sensitive pharma and biologics with tracking and monitoring to ensure compliant cold chain management.

The product is supported by packaging technology from German company va-Q-tec that uses phase change materials and vacuum insulation panels to maintain chilled, controlled ambient, or frozen temperatures for more than 96 hours.

TNT provides the boxes on a one-way rental basis, transports the temperature-sensitive materials, and takes the empty boxes back after delivery to the receiver. The result is end-to-end management of packaging, conditioning, transport and return logistics with one global Integrator.

“Reusing phase change material shippers can lower the cost of quality compliance, whilst reducing risk in the cold chain. With Medpak VI°C, we answer the need for balance between quality and cost, which our customers in the life science and health industry are looking for,” said Cathy O’Brien, industry marketing director Healthcare at TNT.

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