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Union PacificSPRING, TX: May 02, 2016. Railroad company Union Pacific plans to invest US$513 million in 2016 to improve Texas's transportation infrastructure including US$429 million to maintain railroad track and US$79 million to maintain bridges in the state.

Other key projects planned this year include US$21 million investment in the rail line between Pinehurst and Navasota to replace 42 miles of rail; and US$22 million for the rail line between San Antonio and Rockdale to replace 183,816 railroad ties and install 53,783 tons of rock ballast.

This year's capital expenditure in Texas is part of the company's ongoing investment strategy that has included the spending of US$3 billion between 2011 and 2015 to strengthen the state's transportation infrastructure.

"Continuing to aggressively invest in our infrastructure is an important element in Union Pacific's unwavering safety commitment," declared Brenda Mainwaring, Union Pacific vice president for Public Affairs, Southern Region.

The rail company said it plans to spend US$3.75 billion on its network this year, following investments of US$33 billion between 2006-2015, in order to "enhance employee, community and customer safety and increase rail operating efficiency. Freight railroads like Union Pacific operate on track built and maintained without taxpayer funds," it added.

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