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SOS SAO PAULO: September 19, 2016. Ceva Logistics is to offset its carbon emissions in Brazil by contributing to the conservationist SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation.

Established in 1986, the Brazilian NGO works to restore and conserve the country's most at-risk forests and associated coastal and marine environments. Only 8.5 percent of Brazil's Atlantic Forest remains and less than one percent is currently protected, according to the organization.

Ceva says it has developed a plan to control its use of natural resources and offset its CO2 emissions with the planting of thousands of Brazilian native seedlings in an Atlantic Forest preservation area controlled by SOS.

"CEVA's partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica and [its] Future Forests program has enabled us to motivate our team to play their part in the next stage of our environmental program," commented Alcides Francisco, supervisor of Occupational Safety and Health at Ceva Brazil. "Additionally, it helps us drive innovations and creativity in our operations - from warehousing to transportation, from solution design to procurement policy."

Rafael Bitante Fernandes, Forest Restoration manager at the Foundation, said the partnership would contribute to biodiversity conservation and mitigate climate change in one of the most threatened biomes in the world.

In 2014 the organization reported the Atlantic Forest had suffered its worst level of deforestation since 2008 with a nine percent year-on-year increase that affected 92 square miles of inland and coastal forest. The clear-cut land was subsequently used for soybean plantations and the cut wood for charcoal.

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