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FRANKFURT: December 08, 2016. Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season is a new line of recycled and remade handbags from Lufthansa ULD management subsidiary Jettainer.

The company says the fashionable shopper and messenger 'Jettbags' are the result of upcycling original container tarpaulins and safety belts.

Bag to Life"We were very pleased with the success of the first series of bags and therefore decided to continue the production of these bags," explained Martin Kraemer, head of Marketing and PR at Jettainer. " By doing so, we allow more and more of our containers to serve as reliable travel companions even after their official retirement," he added.

Manufactured by Täschnerwerkstatt Hermann, based in Weimar in east central Germany, the parts from old ULDs are marketed by 'Bag to Life', the upcycling brand owned by ehrensache D/V GmbH & Co. KG in Bayreuth, Bavaria.

The company also produces products made from old Lufthansa passenger lifevests as well as an extensive array of useful packing items from Condor.

According to its web site Bag to Life makes bags and accessories from original aviation materials that have "high utility and efficient functionality".

Commenting on the new Jettbags, Bag to Life founder Kerstin Rank noted: "We are welcoming the new product, which will perfectly complement our portfolio of re-used aviation items such as the products made from life jackets."

Now available at https://www.bag-to-life.com/jettainer-edition/ for €125.00 each.

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