TINGLEV, Denmark: March 23, 2017. Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has launched Star Cool CA+, an extension of its controlled atmosphere (CA) technology, to control the growth of sensitive low-respiring perishables in order to avoid over-ripening or decaying during transit.

Maersk Star Cool CA 1According to MCI, the new Star Cool system provides additional cost-effective trade opportunities for fruit growers, shipping lines and food retailers as well as year-round choice and quality for consumers.

"The use of controlled atmosphere (CA) for transport of low respiring commodities, such as blueberries, is a crucial technological contribution to enable perishables to reach their destination in optimum quality", said Bruno Defilippi Bruzzone, head of the Postharvest Unit at the Institute for Agricultural Research in Chile.

"Using CA technology during transit, like MCI's advanced system, provides multiple new benefits for low-respiring perishables, such as a reduction in fruit metabolism, improved decay control, extended shelf life and reduced loses for the growers and exporters," he explained.

The technology also provides shipping companies with direct access to data on the conditions inside the reefer throughout the entire transportation window without relying on a third-party CA provider.

"Demand for a large variety of fruit and vegetables is increasing throughout the year," noted Søren Leth Johannsen, MCI's chief commercial officer. "We further developed our existing controlled atmosphere system with the specific goal of supporting our customers in tapping into these trade opportunities by enabling them to reach more distant markets with low-respiring perishables, which typically also have a high value," he added.

Compared to high-respiring bananas and avocados, low-respiring perishables require a different atmosphere composition in the container. MCI said it developed the ‘CA+’ capability together with experts and selected shipping lines using data gathered from 40,000 Star Cool units worldwide.