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BREMEN/HAMBURG: August 07, 2017. The Zeaborn Group has acquired five 30,000dwt 'Superflex Heavy Lift' vessels from Rickmers Holding. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

The ships join the Rickmers Hamburg that was acquired when Zeaborn completed its takeover of Rickmers-Line in April this year.

Zeaborn managing partner Ove Meyer said the purchase is not only a commitment to the future of Rickmers-Line but also ensures independence from third-party tonnage and external influences. "With the ownership of the liner-service vessels, we are able to ensure the Round-The-World Pearl String liner service for our customers on a sustainable basis," he explained.

Rickmers SeoulRickmers-Line operates nine heavylift vessels built between 2002 and 2004 and Zeaborn now has title to six: Rickmers Singapore, Jakarta, New Orleans, Seoul (pictured), Dalian and Hamburg. Each has four cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 640 tons and all are equipped with intermediate decks for loading optimization.

Rickmers-Line CEO Ulrich Ulrichs commented: "The acquisition of the five Superflex Heavy Lift vessels manifests our commitment to the liner services. Needless to say that continuity and reliability are key in liner services. Securing the availability of suitable tonnage adds to this."

Bremen-based Zeaborn operates a combined fleet of 50 multi-purpose ships with a deadweight ranging from 7,500 to 30,000 tonnes and a combined lifting capacity of up to 700 tons.

In June the Rickmers Group declared insolvency following the rejection by HSH Nordbank of a proposed financial restructuring.

At the time the ship management company expressed surprised saying said it had reached an "understanding" with the Hamburg-based bank and others on a term sheet regarding the restructuring of its liabilities, and particularly a five-year bond maturing in 2018.

The company continues to trade under Self-Administration.

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