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Pharma.Aero secretary general KleinATLANTA: February 9, 2018. Delta Cargo has added eight new destinations to its Pharma 4 program for temperature-sensitive shipments including Bogota, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Frankfurt and Seoul.

Delta now has 49 Pharma stations plus nine approved facilities in Europe with its partners Air France and KLM.

The airline's Pharma 4 service is for commodities that need to be shipped at room temperature including prescription drugs, some biotechnology products and other pharma products that need to be kept between +15°C to +25°C.

Delta says its ground handling partner in Hong Kong, in addition to being CEIV certified, is providing another layer of quality and service control to customers as it is has attained a Good Distribution Practices certification.

Last year the airline became the first U.S. passenger airline to be IATA CEIV certified to handle pharma shipments.

In a related development, Brussels-based Pharma.Aero has announced the appointment of Frank Van Gelder (right) as its new secretary general. “I look forward to serving and leading this organization to a higher level in our industry," he commented.

"The dynamism and support we see from many different stakeholders, strengthen the believe we can really make a difference in the supply chain of life science products in airfreight. We can only do this if we all speak the same language, in which Pharma.Aero already fulfills the crucial role of a reliable facilitator to all our partners and members of today and tomorrow.,” Klein added.

Last month the association added Hong Kong International Airport, AirBridgeCargo Airlines and the Alha Group as members that also include Miami, Brussels and Singapore airports.

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