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IZMIR: March 20, 2018. Turkish Cargo has successfully delivered 1.5 million live Gilt-head Bream from Izmir to Oman.

The fish had been cultivated by Kılıç Holding, one of the leading fish farms in the Bodrum region of Turkey, that produces 40,000 tons of Mediterranean Sea Bream and Sea Bass, Meagre, Rainbow Trout and Bluefin Tuna.

Flying Turkish fishWith a turnover of US$105 million, Kılıç has exported 70 percent of its production to more than 40 countries for the past five years.

According to Turkish Airlines head of Cargo Turhan Ozen, the 100 tons of fish had to be delivered from Bodrum to Oman in 40 hours and began their journey with a three-hour truck ride to Izmir where they were loaded on a chartered Turkish Airlines B777 freighter for the three hour flight to Oman.

The fish were accompanied by aquaculture engineers who checked their pH balance, oxygen and water temperature levels every hour.

“Carrying 1,5 million live fish by means of a freighter requires accurate air-conditioning, and expertise in oxygen and temperature checks. Furthermore, this carriage operation fell under the status of transportation of dangerous goods due to the oxygen cylinders utilized,” explained Ozen.

Kılıç Holding EVP Production Serkan Ilgaz added: ‘’We are the only company performing sea fish imports operations from Turkey. We carried approximately 1,5 million baby gilt-head breams to the Indian Ocean off the coast of Oman in shorter than 40 hours, and performed our first shipment with Turkish Cargo. We hope to keep developing our cooperation with our flag-carrier airline in the new achievements in future."

Turkish Cargo has also carried live fish to Tunisia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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