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COPENHAGEN: April 04, 2018. Chiquita has ordered 2,500 Star Cool Integrated containers from Maersk Container Industry (MCI) for use by its Great White Fleet ocean carrier subsidiary.

Chiquita Great White Fleet 1The new 40-foot high cube boxes, supplied to Chiquita under a long-term lease by Sun Intermodal, are being delivered from MCI’s manufacturing facility in Qingdao, China to Moin, Costa Rica for the first loads of bananas shipped to the US and Europe.

Chiquita has ordered 1,000 containers equipped with MCI’s Star Cool CA (Controlled Atmosphere) system that preserves banana freshness during transit by balancing the atmosphere inside the container to ensure an extended transportation window of up to 45 days.

“From shipment to shipment, each load can be carefully controlled based on the needs of the cargo,” said Great White Fleet president Stefano Di Paolo. “This is essential to deliver best quality bananas to our customers.”

The Star Cool CA concept reduces the speed of the ripening to a minimum, allowing for extended travel distances, optimal freshness and longer shelf life without using supplementary third-party solutions, according to MCI.

“We are very proud that Chiquita has once again selected Star Cool containers to optimise its fruit logistics and help deliver high-quality bananas to the consumers,” declared MCI CCO Søren Leth Johannsen. “When you say Chiquita, you think bananas, a challenging fruit to transport over longer distances.”

Di Paolo said using MCI containers over the past two years has not only led to high quality banana delivery but also resulted in significant operational improvements and “markedly” reduced energy consumption. “This goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainable shipping practices and we are now looking forward to even more power reductions [by] adding the newest technology in this field,” he declared.

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